Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

The morning of Christmas, luckily didn’t start too early. I was proud of the kids for sleeping till after 7.

We made sweet rolls for breakfast (okay, Tim made sweet rolls for breakfast), and the kids were patient waiting to open gifts.

Each of them had three gifts to open.

Treyton received the Lego City Police Headquarters, a Spiderman Web Shooter (his favorite gift), and a Hot Wheels set.


Lexie got a Disney hair salon set (her favorite gift), a little people princess castle and pieces, and Melissa and Doug Cutting Food.


Audrey got an alphabet foam block set, a v-tech light up ocean toy and a green sock monkey.


Lexie loved her salon set, and immediately set to helping mom do her hair. It didn’t take long for Treyton to join in the fun, too.


Next Tim and Treyton decided to play the Wii while Lexie and I watched Beauty and the Beast in the bedroom and Audrey napped.


After lunch, we did some Christmas baking – making Jesus’ birthday cake and some sugar cookies. The kids each cut out and decorated their own cookies.


Lexie was so cute, when she first put the sprinkles on, she did it one at a time, after a while she got the hang of it and started “dumping them on”. 


Treyton, as you would expect, was a pro! 

IMG_0045  Lexie did her cookies pink, Treyton did his orange.

IMG_0056 While the older two kids were busy baking and decorating their cookies, Audrey was just hanging around with dad. :)


I love this little girl!! Her big toothless smile is a source of joy in our lives.

IMG_0061 She seems to have enjoyed her first Christmas. IMG_0062 Here are the finished pastry masterpieces and the chefs!!

IMG_0085 Next, it was time to enjoy their creations.

IMG_0088For dinner we made our favorite meal – lamb, zucchini and potatoes. Dad decided to add a fun candlelight for an added fun element. The kids LOVED the idea!! 

IMG_0097 We held off on diving into Jesus’ Birthday cake, to reduce the chance of a sugar coma. So we waited to put the finishing touches on and sing Jesus Happy Birthday til Sunday.


IMG_0101I praise God for such a fun, relaxing holiday that we got to share with our children. God is so good!!

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