Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Memories

IMG_0212_1 Normally we celebrate Christmas Eve with my side of the family, but because a couple of the families were recovering from the stomach flu (our’s being one of them), we decided to push our celebration to next weekend to minimize contamination or re-contamination of such an icky stomach bug.


Although being home was a little last-minute, we found enough to occupy our time with. After taking it pretty east for most of the morning, near lunch time we decided to open a few advent gifts that we didn’t get to (we stopped opening gifts for our advent calendar to keep the focus more on Christ). As well as the gifts we wanted to exchange with one another – the kids exchanged, and Treyton got both mom and dad something.

Treyton got Lexie a tinkerbell night-light. And she also got two Fancy Nancy books and a bat girl costume.


Lexie got Treyton a Melissa and Doug tanagram puzzle. And for the calendar Treyton got a spider man car that shoots out plastic webs and an iron man costume.


Audrey got a rolling monkey ball, and a Melissa and Doug stacker.


Dad got a Wii.

Mom got a treadmill.

Treyton got mom a neck massager and some socks, and he got dad a Dunder Mifflin shirt, a belt and a new wallet. IMG_0161_1I was so proud of Treyton for wanting to get others gifts this year, and even insisting on paying for part of Tim’s with his own money.  He was really good at keeping our gifts a secret, even when we tried to get it out of him. Tim kidded with Treyton when he opened his gift, pretending that he thought Treyton got him just a box. Treyton, got a pretty big kick out of it. Those two are like peas in a pod, such jokesters.

All in all, Christmas Eve was pretty low key and very relaxing for us, we had wanted to attend the Christmas Eve service at church, but decided to stay home, just in case some of us were still contagious. So we spent our time, playing superheroes, learning the Wii, and taking naps instead.

IMG_0146_1This was Audrey’s first Christmas, and like most babies, her favorite part was definitely all the wrapping paper and boxes. She has a great time crawling among the “wreckage”.


The wii, luckily was a big hit – Treyton is such a competitive little boy! Him and dad played nearly every game on the two sports games we have. Treyton was really good at the bowling and table tennis, but he also really liked the sword fighting and three-point basketball competition. Lexie was even able to play a few games, though her interest doesn’t last as long. Personally, I enjoyed the three-point basketball game because I had to work so hard to get the high score (23) which lasted a whole 30-minutes before Tim beat me again (getting 25). Good times were had by all.

Yummy food is one of the biggest necessities for a successful holiday - We made one of our family’s favorite meals for lunch, gumbo, and had a “snack dinner” (a tradition from my side of the family).

After dinner, the kids did their stockings and pajama gifts. They thought it was pretty special to open presents twice in one day.

IMG_0011_1Treyton’s favorite stocking stuffer was this little hot wheels motorcycle that pops wheelies. IMG_0013_1 Each of the kids got a movie. Lexie got Beauty and the Beast (mom’s favorite). Treyton got Toy Story 2. And Audrey got Snow White. IMG_0017_1When it was time to get ready for bed, Lexie crawled on top of me to cuddle, a minute later we feel Audrey climbing up on Lexie. In no time at all we had a pile of girls in the middle of the Living Room.    IMG_0180_1 I feel blessed that we got to have such a low-key Christmas Eve and that God spared us from sickness over the actual holiday weekend. It was a much wanted gift :)

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