Thursday, December 23, 2010

Complete Randomness.

I can’t tell you how many blog posts I write in my head, seriously, I’m amazing at writing blog posts…. if only I could transfer them to the key board somehow.

I’m sitting here at the dining room table , with Annie-Annie our new pet hamster watching Chopped (I love the food network!), and working hard to clean out my nearly 500 new google reader messages!! Where has all my time gone?

My house is actually clean, which I’m excited about but it’s really only because I spent ALL day cleaning up after sick kids, and the more they puked the more areas needed cleaning – sigh – but now, the kids are in bed, and for the moment, I have no puke to clean up. I’m praying hard that the kids make it through the night, without getting sick and tomorrow morning we wake up, like today never happened, and have a relaxed Christ-center Christmas family weekend.

As a weird side note I did 10 loads of laundry today. Starting at 5am this morning the washer and dryer were CONSTANTLY going! I have NEVER, and pray that I never will again, done that much laundry in a day.

In general, life here has been good, busy, but good, minus the last week, which we’ve obviously been battling the stomach flu. We haven’t done school all month, which at first I was disappointed about, but now I’m a little proud of. It’s one of the things I really love about home schooling, having a schedule that works for us, and not having to justify to anyone, even myself if I don’t want to. Treyton seems to still be learning, and mastering some of the skills we were working on before the break. Recently he’s been most proud in learning his ordinal numbers (up to 11th), and learning how to spell “toy”. I can’t believe how smart of a kid he is, I’m such a blessed woman in so many ways.

image Tonight has been one of the first times that I’ve just been able to sit, and look around and I’m loving the way the house looks right now, all the Christmas decorations and lights… I LOVE Christmas lights, they’re so beautiful and relaxing, I’m thinking about leaving them up until at least Valentines Day (is that bad?).

I mentioned before that we got a dwarf hamster recently. A fellow homeschool family was getting rid of her for free along with her cage, some furniture, bedding and food – I couldn’t resist. She nips a little bit when she is scared, which I kind of like. I don’t know if that makes me a bad mom or not, but I think a healthy amount of fear for my children in handling an animal that small is good. I’m surprise how much she really is like a mouse, yet how much I love her!! She’s kinda cute, a little stubborn, and a challenge to be met (in taming her). The kids named her. Treyton wanted to name her Annie, Lexie wanted to name her Fancy Nancy, after her new favorite books, they compromised with Annie-Annie. As you can see, Treyton was a little less compromising than Lexie, yet surprisingly, he forgets her name often, while Lexie wakes up in the morning walks up to her cage and says “Hi Annie-Annie!!”

The older kids went and stayed at Mommer and Papa’s house for a few days last week, I scrapped ALOT and almost got caught up which was nice. When they got home, I felt like Lexie had grown up at least 2 years!! She looked older too me, she was talking better, her vocabulary increased, her attitude was more refined. It was refreshing. She is loving all things pink, fancy and princess right now. A few years ago the thought of raising a girly-girl would have sent me running, but now, I’m tickled by the idea. She is such a perfect girly-girl. She says things like “Tinker Bell, like me!” “Fancy Nancy, like me!” – how cute is that? Another thing she does right now that just melts my heart is when she wants to cuddle (which is often) she comes up to me and says “I need you”, augh, I love her so much.

And of course because I can’t write a completely random family post without mentioning our little sweetheart, Audrey. I am so excited to see her starting to develop a little in a few areas. She is starting to crawl a little more, and by crawl I mean scooting/army crawl. She still doesn’t like to sit for very long, doesn’t pull herself up to any position but the fact that she’s showing a little motivation is encouraging. I love how smiley she is, she laughs all the time, and is the most excited and joyful of our babies so far. I just want to squeeze her all that time (in a good way). Actually, I need to stop talking about her because I have a strong desire to wake her up just to see her --- I’ll admit it, I’ve done it before and it’s not the best of ideas :)

I wish I had time to write more, but I actually need to keep this post random and light if I have any hope of hitting the Publish button, and it’s officially time for bed.

I hope you all have a great Christmas spending time with family reflecting on the true meaning!!

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