Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Love My Kids!!

IMG_0142  Each one unique, each one special in their own way. Individually and as a whole, they touch my heart in a way that no others have.


Treyton: Our Superhero, sensitive and kind, always seeking to please and care for others. He is a hard worker and eager to learn. He cares about what others think and is a perfectionist, striving for only the best. He loves to talk and has endless and contagious amounts of energy. 


Lexie: Our Princess, fiesty and challenging, yet one of the funniest, most adorable little girls I’ve ever met. She is deep, independent and strong. She is smart without trying, a social chameleon, able to fit in with a rowdy group of boys or a princess loving group of girls.


Audrey: Our Sweetheart, content and lovable. So easy to get along with, loves to cuddle and giggle. A breath of fresh air. Tiny in size yet so large in life. The joy she brings those around her is undeniable.


I am truly blessed.

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