Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010!

We had such a fun thanksgiving this year. We celebrated with my family of Thursday, and part of Tim’s family on Friday.

Rebman Thanksgiving

As usual we hosted my side of the family’s celebration. It’s nice having a holiday every year, because I am finally getting a system/menu down that every one agrees on, so prep is getting easier and more natural every year. This year I decided to brine the turkey and it was THE BEST EVER!! I will never go back to doing it any other way. Yum!

Here’s a few (and I use that word sarcastically) pictures from our day.


Whether they like each other or not, I’m pretty sure these two will have a lifetime worth of these pictures to look back on :) Their mommy’s just can’t help themselves. 


Peyton is 7 weeks younger than Audrey, though they are developmentally pretty much the same.  IMG_0071

I love this picture of Grams and Peyton – it’s one of my favorites of the two of them. 

IMG_0074Here are me and my man, working  hard in the kitchen, I actually just pulled the skin off the turkey, and I’m salting it to distribute to all of us turkey skin lovers!! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it)


Here is Alexa, in the middle of the kitchen floor, as close as she can get to mom. Lexie, wasn’t feeling that well, running a low grade temp this day, so  here she is, after doing her own hair, taking a break in the kitchen.


Here’s a picture of my parents. They tend to go every other year without taking pictures of just the two of them, until they realize they don’t have any, so here’s one for the calendar :)  IMG_0091

Here is one of me, my mom and Luke, who I am currently “mad at” in this picture. As soon as Luke walked in the door, I let him (and everyone else) hear about how he had called MY sister-in-law more in the last several months than me!! So as you can tell, I could not even bear to be near him, alone, so I roped my mom into taking a picture with us.  IMG_0093

Here he thinks, he got a picture with me…. but I still couldn’t handle it.


Mothers & Daughters

IMG_0095  IMG_0099

After Luke got on his knees and begged me to forgive him…. ;) I finally gave in and forgave him. And for the record he has called me twice since Thanksgiving.  IMG_0106Skye, Tim, Lexa and Me - What a lucky girl, Lexie is ;)


Grandma Lex and Peyton


4 Generations of First Born Girls!


The Schulz Family – poor Autumn had something weird going on with both of her eyes, so just ignore her in this picture because otherwise it’s a pretty good family pic (giggle, giggle)


The Williams Family – our ever faithful back up. My sister and her family actually came up the night before. So we got in some card games and Scategories.


The older (& Wiser) Duo!


The annual spoons tournament – our group is getting so large that we needed to divide up into two groups and then combine the top three from each group.

~these are action shots~  IMG_0203

Here’s my man getting a little aggressive, however I  think he still lost this round.


The matriarch and patriarch looking on!


It came down to Skye and Autumn – AGAIN!

Even with two bum eyes Autumn managed to rain supreme!!  IMG_0228

Now, I’m certainly not trying to make excuses, but I will say this, Autumn and Skye are not known for their gentle spoon playing skills, they play and they play hard – some may even use the word vicious. It’s scary sitting across the table from them, fighting for a single spoon.


  I wasn’t feeling up to coming up with an ornament to make this year – we make one every year – but luckily my mom stepped up and did one for the family.



While some of us worked on ornaments, some of the men and babies napped :)



Here’s the group with their finished home-made ornaments.

IMG_0275After, everyone left for the evening, Audrey curled up with a good book and took a nap.

Schoessow Thanksgiving

Sadly, because we were sick, we didn’t have a very traditional Thanksgiving celebration on our other side of the family. Tim’s older brother’s family decided that they didn’t want to get the kids together, due to the fever and cold symptoms our kid’s had. So the rest of the family decided to do two separate Thanksgivings – one with their family (lunch) and one with ours (dinner).

I also forgot our camera for the Schoessow side, so I don’t have many pictures, luckily Tim’s sister had her’s so I’m stealing a few of her pictures to add in here :)

Unlce Tim and Mason

Here is Tim with our nephew, Mason. He is such a little chub :) I think that Tim and Mason look a lot alike.

Mason weighs 22 pounds, which is 2 1/2 pounds lighter than Lexie ---- yeah, they’re two years apart!!  Cousins and Auntie AmberHere’s me with the neices and nephews that were there. A good lookin’ group of kids if you ask me :)  

Thanksgiving - Muscles Believe it or not, Treyton actually “dressed up” for Thanksgiving, but in reality he couldn’t  wait to show off his muscle man shirt underneath his sweater. So as soon as we got to Aunt Toni’s he stripped off his sweater and started flexing!! What a tough guy!!

We really enjoyed ourselves, and even though there is a lack of pictures, the Schoessow Thanksgiving was great!

We brought Treyton’s Uno game, he just learned to play, because he couldn’t wait to “smoke” Mommer! He’s good at it, never showing any mercy…. especially to Mommer :)

The food was super good. Toni is one of the best cooks I know. She serves turkey and dressing as well as salmon and they are out of this world. She also made Chicken and Wild Rice soup which was AWESOME!! A big thank you Toni for having us over for a fabulous “second” thanksgiving!!

So there you have it, Thanksgiving 2010 – in the books!!

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