Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who is Treyton?

IMG_0041 Treyton, an orderly, people-pleasing firstborn, is easy to talk to, raise and disciple. He is a seeker of knowledge and explanations, a lover of truth. Rarely okay with accepting a simple answer, he’s analytical and desires to understand and see things from every side. He possesses a wisdom beyond his years, and asks many questions about God, heaven and life. Despite receiving insufficient answers to some of life's greatest mysteries, his faith is strong in the one He knows to rule it all!

  Responsible big brother, our number one helper, is capable of IMG_0086many things beyond his years. Protective of his girls, Dad can’t get away with any sort of teasing without Treyton coming to our rescue. He is always asking to carry Audrey around and a day does not pass that he doesn’t make his sisters laugh. A  caregiver; if someone is sick, it is usually Treyton who lays by their side, constantly available for the littlest need. 

A goal-oriented, type A personality, can become easily flustered when things are not as they should be. He thrives on orderliness. Fear and anxiety are his weakness, and he easily falls into thinking of “what-if” scenarios.

One of my favorite qualities of Treyton continues to be his  sensitive nature, and his ability to see people, really see them. It’s not surprising to hear Treyton ask “Are you upset, mom?” “Is everything okay, mom?” “You seem tired, do you have a headache?” “What do you need mom?”. He wants much, but also IMG_0047longs to give much to others.

He is a talker – a loud talker!! Which can be annoying at times, but is a perfect illustration of his determination and perseverance. It’s no secret that Treyton has had a language/speech delay, but he has never let that slow him down or change who he was. Rather than becoming frustrated with others when they can’t understand him, or shutting down, he has learned to communicate in his own ways. 

He loves to cook, close the van door, play football with dad, ride his bike, race, and cuddle with mom. He is excited about learning to read, and finds pride in both his brain and his muscles.

IMG_0029A jokester to the core, he is always teasing, laughing and trying to get people going. He laughs the hardest at his own jokes, even if I don’t find them funny ;) He loves music, mostly playing on his guitar and singing. He tries to imitate those he sees, always looking to improve his skills.

Competitive to the core, EVERYTHING is a game or competition, holding a winner and a loser. A football fanatic, little-slugger rookie, sports are a passion of his handed down from his father. Most of these things come pretty naturally to him, and if they don’t he is determined to achieve at least some level of success. He is good at and interested in a little bit of everything.

Surprisingly social despite his shy nature. Friends and family are his most valued treasures. With a heart of gold and a love that IMG_0082runs deep, he is a loyal and true friend to any that will have him.

At five years old, Treyton is, not only our son, but a person we enjoy being with. He makes us laugh, and keeps us honest.

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