Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Overheard: A Lesson Learned

IMG_0052 I overheard the two older kids talking in the laundry room this afternoon while cleaning the kitchen after lunch.

Treyton: Do you see Annie-Annie?

Alexa: No

Treyton: Grab that stool and you can see her.

(a few minutes later)

Treyton: Don’t stick your fingers in their, Annie-Annie will bite you!!! Do you want to get bit?

Alexa: Yeah

Treyton: No, you don’t. Do you remember when she bit you that one time?

Alexa: Yeah…. no.

Treyton: Here let me show you. Open your mouth.


Treyton: Okay, bite my finger

(a second later)

Treyton: Open your mouth! Open your mouth!! Now that hurt me, do you want Annie-Annie to do that to you?

Alexa: Yeah

Treyton: No, you don’t – I hurt now. You don’t want to be bit.

Alexa: Oh, Okay


I’m one proud mama :)


Alana Wiemann said...

TOOOOOO Cute I miss them so much!

Homeschooling Momtographer said...

Too too funny!! :)

~Catherine :)

Ashley Skye said...

That is perfect I love it!! They are so cute and Treyton is such a good big brother!!

I can comment again YEAH