Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Snapshot of Audrey

I just laid Audrey down for her nap, and now that I am now alone and able to do whatever I want, (and I have a list of things I want to get done), I can’t think of anything else I would rather do than share some pictures that I took of her while playing around with my new light scoop!!

In the last week Audrey seems to have grown up so fast. I know she’s 10 months now, but I didn’t see it coming.

She’s developing such a curious personality. It’s fun to watch her explore and learn and actually be motivated enough to go after something she wants. Her content personality remains, but finally I’m seeing a little interest in a few things other than just me. IMG_0069Here is a little smile for Audrey, when she smiles big, you can see her wrinkly little gums, which is a smile only a mother could love :) and love it I do!! I love her face, I can actually see a little bit of me in her, which is something up to this point I haven’t been able to identify in my other children.

IMG_0075Treyton loves his little sister so much, he loves holding her, making her laugh and giving her kisses… she loves him right back. She watches her older siblings like a hawk. She’s interested (from a safe distance usually) in what their doing. But actually, this morning for the first time, she really seemed to be trying hard to play with them when they were running around playing swords with Dad, it was so precious, and exciting to see her finally reach that stage.  IMG_0076 

IMG_0082shhh… I don’t think she realizes she’s got a little lunch on her face. 


IMG_0088 She did manage to find the pea on her face, but I guess that wasn’t enough for her, she found this picture of Treyton and Lexie and decided to munch on this too. This has been the story of her life this past week, now that she’s moving around a little more, EVERYTHING is going in the mouth.

IMG_0089This would be Audrey’s tired face, 30 minutes or so past her normal nap time, she was done with pictures and just trying to get to mom.  IMG_0090  …getting closer….


After she got over to me, she kept grabbing my face. I love her little kisses. We don’t get too many chances for mommy and Audrey pictures, so we decided we should take a picture together. 


I love this little girl with my whole heart, who knew my heart could get this big?!? God is so much bigger than we can comprehend. He would have to be if He loves anything like a mom does (and we know he loves even better)!!


This was super cute:  I was sitting on this stool looking at some pictures I just got in from snapfish, when she crawled over, she squawked a little, but I kept working on what I was doing. When I looked down, I realized she somehow managed to sit up (which she has not done on her own), inside of the stool and she was stuck!!

Like any good mother, instead of helping her out, I grabbed the camera to document such an amazing accomplishment. IMG_0112

After a while, she got bored of me taking pictures of her so she leaned back, grabbed a little thumb and waited for me to finish. When I finally put the camera down she said “a ma, a ma!!” Another first!! She hadn’t said mama yet!!

Truly a sweetheart, she is growing so much so quickly. I am really hoping she doesn’t decide to “catch up” all in one week. I rather appreciate a slow progression of developments for my own adjustment’s sake.

I’m excited to see her so motivated though, it’s a nice change of pace…. cause things weren’t crazy enough around here yet.


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Homeschooling Momtographer said...

I'm glad you got the Lightscoop! I'm loving mine and use it all the time. :)
That pic of her in the stool is precious!