Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alexa Natalee: One of a Kind


2 1/2 years ago, the Lord blessed us with a true miracle, the birth of our first daughter, Alexa Natalee. At nearly 8 pounds she stormed our lives with all the gusto she could muster!! And muster she did.

She is one of the most dynamic, unique, independent, and adorable people I know. It’s taken me over a month to compose this post, because there is so much to say about Alexa and no way for her speechless mom, to find the right words to do so.

Recently Alexa has decided she wants to be called by her middle name “Natalee”, which I think is hilarious, and shows so much of who she is. Starting this weekend she began introducing herself to people as Natalee, which is taking a little getting used to, but doesn’t seem to phase her in the slightest bit.

As far as the “name change” goes, I’ll be honest, I’m all for it, I actually wanted to call her by her middle name when she was born, but Alexa/Lexie seemed to just stick, which I was okay with. But we’ll have to see what she decides, if I know Alexa, right about the time we get used to calling her Natalee, she’ll want to change it again.

Alexa/Natalee marches to the beat of her own drum – she always has. She’s an interesting contrast to Treyton who thrives on his relationships, Alexa seems to be the opposite. While she loves her “people” she is much more interested in doing her own thing than she is in pleasing people, or fitting in. She has a drawing personality, and I think it’s her independent, self-fulfilled nature that causes this.

Most days Lexie makes me feel bi-polar. In one moment I feel like I want to pull my hair out, or her hair out, or both of our hair out, and the next I want to hug her so tight and kiss her face because I can’t resist her cuteness and charm. She warms my heart and boils my blood.

She is hilarious. dramatic and theatrical.

Lately, she has learned the art of a “gasp”. When she really wants to make a point she takes a long big breath in and will say something “Oh my goodness!” in a long gaspy exhale. I have no idea where she came up with this!!  She also uses her gasps in her laugh for effect, which reminds me a little of her cousin Shayla. She does this bend-over forceful ha-ha-ha laugh, it doesn’t even sound like a real laugh until you look at her face and you can tell it’s real. IMG_0050She is the queen of “one liners” and most times, she isn’t even trying to be funny.

She posses an uncanny ability to constantly repeat the noises around her, whether it’s people talking, sirens, music, or a toy’s noise, she repeats it. While it’s cute to listen to her imitate goofy sounds, it has given her brother much grief as she will repeat things he says to the point of frustration. This natural ability of hers, to hear and remember most things, has helped her to already learn most of the words to her favorite songs, the pledge of allegiance, a couple of Bible verses, where we live, and even today I caught her repeating after Treyton when he was counting by 5s. Which should serve as a warning to all of you be careful what you say around her because she is ALWAYS listening, even when she’s pretending not to.

Lexie think’s she knows it all. Nearly every time I instruct her on how to do something or to stop something she’s doing she’ll say “I know, I know” or “Yup.” All the while, continuing on her own way, not heeding the words of advice. She likes to learn things the hard way, a lot like her mama and daddy.

Alexa, like her big brother, enjoys praying. Whenever we pray Lexie ends it by saying “And help Lexie with crying!” At first I thought she was asking God to help her to not cry (the number one thing she gets in trouble for), but now I’m not so sure. :)Alexa has a natural mothering ability. She comforts, hugs and loves on her siblings, dolls and above all her lamby. She is our cuddler. She loves to lay down with us in our bed, and would think life were perfect if she could sleep with mom and dad in their bed for naps and bedtime. IMG_0053

There is so much more I could say, and I know I will wish later that I had added it, but for the sake of ever getting this post written I’ll have to leave it at this. I hope she will forgive me in 20 years when she looks back over this and reminds me of all the other things I could have added in. :)

Alexa has filled our world with so much excitement, laughter and love. She is someone that I strive to be more like and that I look forward to watching grow into a woman of God. God has blessed us beyond measure with a little girl that understands what it means to truly live life and to be who God has created her to be.

Alexa Natalee, you are a true princess, I pray you spend the rest of your life claiming it and living it in all you say and do.

We love you,

Mom and Dad

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Homeschooling Momtographer said...

So cute. She sounds so much like my Abby. :)