Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alexaism: Maybe Not

IMG_0124 I’ve been working on a post on Alexa for a while now, it seems as though every time I go back to finish it and post it, she’s already changed or has managed to remind me of tons more stuff I have to say about her. This girl might be an open book, but she’s a big book with LOTS of layers, not as easy to dissect and record as I would like (for blogging purposes). But I promise it’s coming soon.

Alexa talks really well, we’re often asked how old she is, after she talks to people and get “She talks really good for 2 1/2” and she does. She uses several expressions over and over again, which I plan on talking about more in my post, but a few of the ones she’s pulled out lately:


Lexie was wearing her sunglasses around the house one morning. She told us she was going to wear them all day.

Tim said “Well, with a future that bright you have to wear them, right?”

Alexa, staring at her dad like he’s lost his ever-loving mind says “Maybe not.”


IMG_0050 Starting this morning she’s been saying her full name “Alexa Natalee”, she talks in first person a lot of times so throughout the day I’ve heard all of the following at least once:

“Alexa Natalee poops”

“Alexa Natalee likes applesauce”

“Alexa Natalee do your hair”

“Alexa Natalee don’t know”

“Alexa Natalee like swimming class” (side note: she’s not in swimming class, Treyton is, but she calls sunday school swimming class, we’re not sure why) :)

“Please, Alexa Natalee” (she said this to me after I said she couldn’t listen to music on my phone anymore)


At lunch time, I opened a jar of baby food for Audrey, I went to set the lid on the counter but missed and it fell on the ground. Alexa said

“Oh noooo, that’s not good.”

(This is something she says ALL the time)


I overheard her disciplining her lamby the other day and this is what I heard:

“I said ‘no’, those are your choices, you chose ‘no’, that’s not good. Now you get a time out and you think about it.”

She set lamby down and walked away.



I told Alexa that she needed to go sit on the potty before nap time. She said “I don’t want to nap.”

I said “I’m sorry, but it’s time for night-night and I want you to go pee so you don’t have an accident in your underwear.” (side note: she has been going nap without a diaper for almost 2 weeks, and started this week sleeping in underwear at night too!!)

She walks to the toilet and sits down, but then she says to me calm as can be, “I’m getting really mad.”


One day as Alexa was getting ready for her nap, she did a summersault onto her play phone and hurt her back. She was upset as I carried her to her bed. She said “I sorry I cry” (the number one thing Alexa gets in trouble for is unnecessary crying/whining, she actually prays about it every night).

I said “It’s okay to cry honey, you got an owie, it’s okay to cry when you are hurt.”

I tucked her in, laid down with her and rubbed her hair as she softly cried (she was much more tired than she was hurt).

She said to me “You can go, I just want to cry, but you go.”

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