Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alexaism: Train?

On Thursdays I try to get all of the kids to nap, because we’re up late on Wednesdays with AWANA. This afternoon Lexa woke up first and crawled in bed with me.

30 minutes or so later Treyton came in, Lexa looked up from reading and said “Well Hiiiii Train” (this is how Lexie greets me in the morning as well…. she gets this from her, dad)

Treyton: Hi (in a deep groggy voice – Treyton’s a little bit more like me)

Alexa: Helllloooo, Train!

Treyton: Hi (still groggy)

Me: Did you call him Train?

(I’ve heard her call him this a few times before, but it was very clear this time)

Alexa: Yeah, Train.

Me (to Treyton): Do you care if she calls you train?

Treyton: No, whatever.

Me: Okay

Alexa: Yeah, Choo! Choo!

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