Sunday, February 20, 2011

Complete Randomness

I had a lot of random thoughts running through my head so being the "random blogger” that I am I figure why not share with the world?

~ All the kids have a little fever and cold, it hasn’t been a big deal, but Treyton did end up falling asleep on Mom and Dad’s bed last night at 6:00 (for the night). At about 7:00 he wandered out into the dining room, pulled his pants down and was seconds away from peeing on our subtraction board that we had sitting up against the wall, when Tim looked over and calmly said “You’re not in the bathroom buddy”. Treyton was completely out of it, so he just looked at Tim and said “Huh?” – Tim then ran over and gently picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. Treyton was totally sleep walking!! Funny thing is, this is something Tim did when he was a boy too.

~ Alexa absolutely LOVES baby food. I don’t know why or what her deal is, but she begs to eat any left over (or her own) baby food at every meal with Audrey. I’ll say it – weird.

~ Audrey has recently developed a few random “ticks”. She’ll just be sitting there and her head bobs, almost like she fell asleep sitting up, but she’s totally awake. She also opens her mouth and closes it over and over again. It seems like it’s involuntary. I looked it up on-line, I didn’t find anything unusual, but I’ll be bringing it up to Dr. P.

~ I am working my way through listening to Matt Chandler’s sermon series on Colossians and it is FABULOUS!! I highly, highly recommend it.

~ Lexie’s new canopy came it!! As soon as I can I will post some new pictures of her princess bed. I’m so jealous and am fighting the urge to take over her bed.

~ I pulled the trigger this weekend and booked my sister and I’s New York City trip, that we’re taking in June. I am SO excited (and nervous). I cannot wait to go and spend some 1-on-1 time with my sister in NYC for her 30th birthday – she has wanted to go for as long as I can remember. It’s a trip of a lifetime. I feel so blessed.

~ Alexa now calls Treyton “Train”, it’s caught on and I think he’s called “Train” more than Treyton. He says only Lexie can do it, but after you here her say it you can’t help but say it too. He’s a good big brother and he lets her get away with it.

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