Monday, February 28, 2011

Pirose Nursing Cover {Review}

IMG_0003I was recently given the chance to review a Pirose Scarf, which along with being a nursing cover is “a stylish and innovative scarf imagewith endless fashion potential”!  Being a nursing mother, I am constantly looking for new covers, and one of the things I look for is not only feasible but also fashionable. I mean lets face it, breastfeeding takes a lot of work, it’s nice to at least look good (and modest) while doing it. :) 

Once I received my scarf, I immediately put it on, and the thing I noticed right away about it was that despite wearing it for several hours it never got too hot or heavy to wear. When my hubby got home, he said “Hmm, nice, I like it mama.” Which I think means it passes his test.

I’m particularly excited for the weather to warm up a little bit and wearing my scarf with tank tops and short sleeve shirts, which i feel like it accessorizes nicely.


As far as using it as a nursing cover, I liked how it was a little lighter, and how I was able to see Audrey while nursing but other people weren’t able to (which is obviously the purpose of the cover). My personal preference is to have my nursing cover to be a little bit longer to cover my back and sides, but when sitting in a full chair or couch, this cover was more than adequate.

I like having a different type of nursing cover to use and wear. It’s not something that I had ever thought of needing, but now that I have one, I enjoy it.

Available for Purchase On their website for $35.00

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