Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow Day

The fact that it’s snowing like crazy right now reminded me of some snow pictures I had wanted to post last week.

Tim and Treyton went out and enjoyed a little bit of the warmer weather we were having last week (and by warmer I mean 40 degrees). IMG_0047

Believe it or not, despite the amount of snow we have had this was the first chance we’d had to build a snowman, so of course we took advantage. IMG_0056The boys had a great time outside, building and creating “Charlie” the snowman. Here they are after they finished, taking a break in the warm sun.

IMG_0049 Posting this also reminds me of a month or so ago, when Tim and Treyton got the 4-wheeler out, but the snow was a little too deep and soft to ride on.

After getting it stuck in about 3 foot of snow, more than 5 times, in one trip around the house, they decided to give it up and try again another day…. it was a good decision. IMG_0056 ….only in Wisconsin….


Despite the havoc in the backyard, (including my torn up lawn) the front yard remained peaceful and serene :)


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