Friday, March 11, 2011

Audrey’s One!

It’s Audrey’s first birthday!! I plan on doing a first birthday post for her of course, but I couldn’t help but post these videos from the this morning before we went to run some errands.

Like every birthday, we sang Happy Birthday and opened presents as soon as everyone was dressed and ready for the day.

I love this video and how Audrey looks at her Daddy with her “lovey eyes”. And how she almost seems surprised that it’s her birthday!

And this video…. this one we’re going to be submitting to AFV to receive “best parents of the year” award. Audrey got a new slide for her birthday, this is her first time on it. After I helped her climb up she camped out up on top before taking the literal “dive” down the slide.


Like Tim said “Could have gone better!”


Alexis said...

Yep, yep! Parent of the year coming up!!! Cool BD present though.

For His Glory said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl. You stole my heart last week:). I hope you have a beautiful day. Love The Farkas Family