Friday, March 18, 2011

Double Whammy: Treytonisms & Alexaisms

IMG_0005 The other day while shopping for some gifts for Audrey’s birthday Alexa had picked up this HUGE tea party set from the shelf. It wasn’t as heavy as much as it was big, so she had a hard time holding it. When she went to pull it off the shelf she said “Tooooo HEAVY!” in a grunted voice, as she accidently pulled the box underneath the one she was trying to hold off the shelf and onto the floor.

She looked at me, she looked at the box on the ground and tried to push the box she was trying to hold back onto the shelf as she said, “Uh-oh, that’s my bad!”


Alexa has started this thing where she called people (particularly Audrey) “Honey”

Audrey was crying in the middle of the floor the other day after falling over from standing. Lexie walks over to her, stands over her, looking down and says “It’s okay honey, you all right”


IMG_0151 Treyton loves thinking he knows how to speak spanish. Though he really only knows how to count, he thinks it’s pretty cool.

While riding in Tim’s truck the other day they were listening to ‘90s on the 9’ and the song called “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” came on and if you’ve ever heard the song you know it starts with “Uno, Dos, Tres, Quattro, Cinco, Cinco, Seis”

Treyton said “Oh yeah buddies, I know what you’re talking about, Cuz I know Spanish!!”

Tim told me later, as he was telling me about it - “At that point I knew that he was listening so I turned it off!”


We’ve been working with Alexa on using her manners. She knows how and when to say please and Thank You, but she’s developed a bad habbit of now using them.

One particular night we went out to eat and were driving there. Lexie likes to listen to certain sons over-and-over again. We didn’t mind but we were making her say “Please” and “Thank You” when she would ask.

Around the fifth time around she said “Play the song, Thank You.”

IMG_0123Realizing she said the wrong “manner” she said “Oh, Nuts!!”

“Play the song, PLEASE”

“Thank You!”


  When we pulled into the driveway from running errands Alexa said “Here’s our house!! I love it here…. in Wisconsin” :)


One night Alexa and I were talking about boys and girls. I asked her:

“What is Daddy?” IMG_0139

Alexa: “A Boy”

Me: “What is Mommy?”

Alexa: “A Girl”

Me: “What is Audrey?”

Alexa: “A Girl.”

Me: “What is Treyton?”

Alexa: “A Choo Choo”

(Alexa calls Treyton, “Train”)

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