Sunday, March 13, 2011

HaPPy FirSt BIrtHdAy AuDrEY!

We just came through Audrey’s birthday weekend. It was a great weekend and the entire family had a fun time. IMG_0053

Tim and I keep telling each other how much Audrey seems to have changed in one week. It’s amazing!


She's finally started pulling herself up, and once she started that it just seems that she’s started trying everything. She’s crawling up on stuff, sitting up on her own, jabbering and even showing interest in toys and people (other than mom).


She’s army crawling all over now, exploring and getting into things that up until now I didn’t realize she even knew was there. Just this afternoon, she got into the cabinets in the kitchen and pulled all the cups out.

IMG_0146 We’ve also realized now that she is pulling herself up she’s much stronger and more balanced that we had thought. 


Her relationship with her brother and sister has much more interaction than before and I see her now as another “child” rather than “the baby”.


I know for some of you out there this seems like a given, but this is something that I didn’t expect to happen all of a sudden like it has (and so soon). Up to this point Audrey has been so laid-back, and in no hurry to develop her finer motor-skills. I really expected her to be 15-months or more before she even pulled herself up. This is all very exciting for us!


I think you can tell from the pictures – Audrey’s personality is pure joy.

She’s a happy baby, and only gets upset when she’s hungry or tired. She doesn’t complain about much at all and more than our other two did, she is adjusting well to learning how to play by herself more than being held. It’s still a learning process (obviously), but I’m proud of her.


On Friday morning, her actual birth day – the family woke up bright and early (6:30). We all sang Audrey “Happy Birthday” in bed, and after breakfast we all got dressed and ready for opening presents.



Audrey wanted to get started before we all finished getting dressed, so she did. :)


After Audrey opened her presents we spent a little time playing with them – Her favorite gift was a little tikes slide. IMG_0057

Her first time down the new slide it didn’t go "smoothly” but that’s okay, she still ended up loving it!!


And I have to say three days later: for those looking for a great first birthday gift this is it! IMG_0059

We had a few errands to run on Friday, so we spent most of the morning picking up some last minute things for Audrey’s party.

Friday night the family headed to Nakishima’s (a local Japanese restaurant our family loves), where we have gone for everyone’s birthday dinner. It was a nice way to include the younger two kids in Audrey’s celebration, they love going there. We all ate too much – including Audrey :)


Saturday was Audrey’s party it was the smallest party to date and the first time ever that we’ve ever invited family-only. It was fun and intimate.

I made Audrey’s banner myself (using scrapbooking paper, ribbon and my cricut). It turned out better than I even pictured and I LOVE IT!!


I also made the party favors – using children’s Build a Mugs & scrapbook paper; I personalized them for each of the underage party guests. We filled some bags with some treats and put them in the cups. (Sadly, I didn’t get pictures of them but they were really cute).


For Audrey’s cake I made it homemade. It was sugar-free (we used agave nectar to sweeten) and dairy free (we used rice milk and coconut milk) cake and frosting.


The frosting was a coconut cream frosting and it was DELICIOUS!!


She did go for the candle, but Tim blew it out right before she touched it. I’m sure it was still hot, but as soon as she got a little frosting in her mouth she forgot all her troubles :)



It was a great weekend celebrating the life of our youngest blessing. God has been so good to us, there are no words to express our gratefulness for all He has done for us. He deserves all the glory!!


Of course I’ll share BUNCHES of party pictures for those of you who weren’t able to join us. Enjoy!       





IMG_0173   IMG_0201 

IMG_0257  IMG_0343 



IMG_0177  IMG_0287

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Alexis said...

So sorry I couldn't be there I heard it was a great party. We will have to try to find a day that we can get together soon.