Monday, March 14, 2011

{Review} Deeper into the Word

imageDeeper into the Word New Testament by Keri Wyatt Kent.

 Product Description:

“Translators have done their best to render the words of the Bible into English, but capturing the nuances of the ancient languages is an inexact science. Kent gives readers an opportunity to investigate the roots and biblical context of the words within the Word. Deeper into the Word is a fascinating devotional, but it can also be used as an accessible reference tool, as it explores 100 of the most important words of the New Testament. Kent unpacks each word's Greek origins, shows how it is used in the Bible, and offers insights into its significance in our lives.”

The back of the book states “Words matter. God cares about them and so should we. Going a little deeper into the Bible’s words can make an old passage seem new again, enriching your understanding of God’s message to his children. Why was this word chosen rather than that one? What does it imply in its original language that you can’t see in English? And without knowing Greek, how can you learn to explore the details of God’s word for yourself? Keri Wyatt kent provides a fresh encounter with the most important words of the New Testament. Deeper into the word can be used as a daily devotional or as an easy-to-use reference tool. Either way, you’ll find yourself excited by the wonders of God’s amazing Word.”

Product Review:

When given the chance to review this book from Bethany House I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I’ll be honest my expectations weren’t that high, but as soon as I opened the book and started reading – I was very pleasantly surprised.

This book is a great resource and a diverse tool to be used in different ways in your personal walk.

Rather than reading this book straight through, at first I used it more as a resource and looked up a few key words that I had been reading in my own personal study. I then used it by randomly picking a word to read on and build on from there in my quiet time. I learned a lot both ways and the Lord used this book several times to speak to me and to reinforce some things He is teaching me.

This book is a great addition to my library of books and I foresee it sitting on my stand for a while. If you enjoy word study and looking deeper into the meaning of words used throughout the Bible, this book is a great beginner’s tool to not only understanding more but learning how to study words on your own.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from BethanyHouse for the purpose of my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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