Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treytonism: Put it Online

IMG_0497 The other night Treyton and Daddy were playing the Wii. Tim was doing the Wii Fitness, where you play 3 rounds of games and then you find out your “Fitness Age”. Tim was playing bowling and while he usually does really well, he did rather poorly (he didn’t even get past the second lane). Treyton thought this was absolutely hilarious, so he called me from the bedroom to come take a look.

He was falling on the floor laughing when he said “That’s so embarrassing, we need to put that online mama!!”

Tim and I started laughing and then Treyton said, “That’s soooo funny because I don’t even know what online is!!!”

Tim laughed and said “Yeah, we know”



Mommer said...

That is funny! Glad you posted it "online". I remember playing the fitness game with Tami Jo, Tom and Jim when they lived next door, if I remember right I bet them all!! Go Mommer.

Mommer said...

Oops I meant to say I beat them all.