Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alexism: That’s Not Good

IMG_0108 Lexie is learning new words ALL the time, I’m shocked  (and a little scared) actually by how quickly she catches on to words and phrases.

Last week Papa and Mommer were here watching the kids a few days later I overhear Lexie calling Audrey “Pumpkin” – this is totally a Papa thing (he calls his youngest daughter Pumpkin), so somewhere in the time they were here she must have picked up on it. Since then I’ve heard at least 3 separate occasions where Lexie has referred to Audrey as pumpkin.


In an attempt to get Lexie to let me put pig tails in her hair, I started calling them “princess tails”, which she was immediately interested in, so if you ever here us refer to princess tails or see her wearing princess tails, just roll with it :)


I think I mentioned before that Alexa started referring to herself as Natalee (her middle name) for a while, that lasted a few weeks and now she calls herself (and expects to be introduced as) Princess Lexie. IMG_0008



I’ve never seen this before” yesterday at the store Tim was taking the kids out while I finished checking out Lexie didn’t want to go with Tim so she said “I’ve never seen Mama before, I’m sad.” She’ll bring things from the playroom or her bedroom and say “Wow, I’ve never seen this before!” even if it’s her favorite toy :)

Not Again!” Anytime anything goes wrong this is the line Lexie uses, at first it was cute, now it’s a little frustrating.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” another common phrase when something might not be going her way.

When Lexie wants the window in the car rolled down she says “Turn my window on please!

Lexie is super bright and cheery in the morning (she gets this from her Dad) nearly every morning she tells Tim “I love you so much Daddy-O” and then when I finally manage to roll out of bed and wander into the Dining Room she’s always the first to notice and I’m greeted by “Heeellllllooooo Mommy!!” in a super sweet, cheery voice. It’s a great way to start the day.

That’s not good” this is something Treyton says a lot so I suppose it was only a matter of time. She’s used this one a lot today:

  • when she was sitting on the potty and managed to somehow get her foot IN the toilet
  • when she went to get on the stool to wash her hands and found what appeared to be dried cereal on the stool
    • After I went in to clean (scrape) it off the stool she tells me “I do not like that mom, I don’t like it at ALL!”
  • when she pushed the baby gate over after trying to barrel through it
  • when she fell and landed partially on top of Audrey as she was making her way (a little too quickly) to the bathroom
  • when Audrey grabbed her cup of paint water and tipped it over on top of herself
  • when she saw what she was going to be eating for lunch


Alexa is very expressive and is constantly using words that I didn’t know she knew to describe a situation I didn’t know she was even aware of. She’s intuitive, articulate and always paying attention. I can’t wait to see what she says next!

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