Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treytonism: Treyton’s Wisdom

IMG_0001 Today we were reading the Bible story “Finding a Wife for Isaac” in the story Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. Before I started reading, I reminded Treyton of the story we had learned a few days prior, I said “Remember, we just learned about Abraham and Sarah and how God gave them a son, do you remember that son’s name?”

Treyton: “Isaac”

Me: “That’s right, but now, Isaac is older and….”

Treyton: “How old is he?” (Treyton always wants to know how old people are)

Me: “I’m not sure, maybe 20 or 30.”

Treyton: “Wow, God has a lot that he can still do with him! He’s pretty young, right mom? So God has a lot of time to use him.”

What a wise little boy he is!!



This morning started out a little rough for Treyton and I, but we had both apologized with each other and moved on, a couple hours later however, after struggling with a subject in school Treyton had sat down in the chair put his face in his hands and said “I wish it was night-night time, I just want to start a new day already.”

I said, “Why do you need a new day? This day is not that bad, you can still have a good day – I am.”

Treyton: “I’m glad this is a good day for you, mom, but it’s just not for me!! I want to start over.”


As I was typing this out, Treyton was working on illustrating his Bible story (the thing he wasn’t too happy about earlier), he finished it though and liked his finished project so he said “Well, this day isn’t that bad any more. It’s turning into a good day.”

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