Friday, May 6, 2011

Alexaisms: Hugs & Kisses

IMG_0070 Lexie was disobedient and ended up getting a spanking this evening.

Any time we give spankings we spend a couple minutes hugging our children and talking with them. This time, I sat there and waited for her to pull herself together for a second before I was going to lean over and hug her, we didn’t make it 3 seconds before she said:

“HUG ME MOM!! It hurts sometimes when I get spankings!”


Tonight we were talking about how good a kisser Lexie is. (Seriously they’re precious). We were trying to get Treyton to close his mouth like Lexie. (To elaborate – Treyton closes his lips, but somehow I always manage to make contact with his teeth).

Alexa leaned over to kiss Treyton, to show him what a good kisser she was and in her most bossy voice said “Close your mouth Treyton, I’m trying to kiss you!!”

Awww, the love of siblings.


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Jenn @ Spejory said...

The words of little ones are SO precious!