Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brewer Game 5.14.11


This past weekend we had the amazing privilege of going to a Brewer Game with Tim’s side of the family, in celebration of Maia’s (Toni’s Boyfriend’s daughter) 17th birthday.

Toni and Ken were able to get a luxury suite through Ken’s work and it was AMAZING!! I have never watched a game in such style. What a blessing. And as an added bonus the Brewers actually beat the Pirates 8 – 2 (I think), and there were several home runs, which are always exciting.

As always I took a kagillion pictures – here  are some of my favorites from the day.


Here are Treyton and I, before the game started just enjoying batting practice and the amazing view!


Treyton watching the game. He loves all things baseball right now, and I was surprised how much time he spent standing along the rail actually watching the game.

As if watching the game from a luxury suite weren’t enough, Bernie the Brewer also stopped by our suite to say hello and sign some balls for the kids. This was a highlight for Treyton and Lexie – they loved it!!


Here is Lexie meeting Bernie the Brewer.

IMG_0105 Bernie signing Treyton’s ball (thank you Aunt Toni) IMG_0106Treyton has his ball in his special drawer. He loves that it bounces a little bit. IMG_0112

Bernie with the kids (and some adult supervision) :)


    Our family picture in the suite.

IMG_0078 Mommer and Lexie, the best of friends.

IMG_0090 Mommer & Treyton, always goofing around…. try to get serious guys ;)

IMG_0091 That’s better.

IMG_0092 And now back to being goofy.

IMG_0098 Watching the game with an amazing view.   IMG_0126 

IMG_0129 Kisses for mama!! Aww….

 IMG_0137 Mommer and Papa with the middle set of grand babies (Sawyer, Ava, Lexie) and Treyton (of course).

IMG_0143 Daddy & Audrey, enjoying the game together.

IMG_0144 A truly amazing experience, I wish we could watch every game this way :)

Thank you to Toni and Ken for such an amazing opportunity and allowing us and our crazy kids to join you in celebrating Maia’s birthday!!

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