Monday, July 4, 2011

Lexie’s Haircut

For the Fourth of July the past 3 or 4 years we have done a get together with some of our youth group high school friends. This year, we were lucky enough to host it.

There were 5 families total here, so we had some tent’s out back and squeezed in who we could inside. We had the girls sleeping in Tim and I’s bedroom with me, while Treyton and Tim slept outside in the tent. On the first night, I had laid Lexie’s air mattress on the floor in front of our bed.

She has been struggling lately with getting out of bed (for any sort of reason), so I had a long talk with her about staying in bed. She told me that she would.

About 30-minutes later, Tim had needed to go into our bathroom, when he walked in, he said he noticed Lexie sitting up (with her back to him) on her air mattress. He went into the bathroom, grabbed what he needed and when he had turned back towards the door, he saw a clump of hair.

When he walked back into the bedroom, he saw Lexie, sitting on the air mattress, scissors in her hands, with hair all over the mattress.

I was outside, around the campfire with the older kids getting ready to do smores. Tim came out, with the scissors and said “Amber, come here, Lexie cut her hair!”

Of course, I ran in, and found her. I grabbed her in my arms and just stared at her for a couple of seconds before I started crying…. I never realized how attached I was to her hair; not to mention the fact that she could have seriously injured herself!

I had our friend Krystle come in and try to fix Lexie’s hair as best she could. I gathered up the hair that she had cut, and it nearly filled a quart sized baggy. Everyone keeps saying “it’s not that bad” but I don’t think they realize how far back she cut. She didn’t just cut “cute bangs” she cut back (on top of her head) as well.

I’m so grateful she didn’t hurt herself, the scissors she had grabbed out of the bathroom drawer are very sharp and it could have been much worse.

Here are before and after shots:








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For His Glory said...

It's a memory:) Good thing hair grows back so fast!