Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Princess Birthday

On Friday, Alexa turned 3. Dad had to work in the morning, so we had a pretty low-key morning. Although Lexie got lots of phone calls from her grandparents and aunts, she LOVED all the attention and personal phone time. IMG_0040

After Daddy got home at noon she opened her presents. The “hit” was a princess CD player that comes with 3 plastic CDS she can change out and listen to different musical songs.

IMG_0050She also got a princess bike (which is what she asked for), but struggled a little the first time on it so at first she was a little leery, but Saturday night she had it down well and now if she’s outside she begs to ride it.  IMG_0062

After presents we went to each lunch and to Bay Beach. This was Lexie’s first time this summer to be able to ride the rides (we went one other time but she had gotten in trouble and was not able to ride any rides that day). IMG_0063

The kids had lots of fun.








For dinner we took Lexie to Nakashima’s (a local Japanese restaurant we like) it’s a family tradition, we all eat here for our birthdays. Her Aunt Toni wasn’t able to make it, but she called in to the restaurant and had the waitress bring out a cake for Lexie. She was a little scared because 5 or 6 people came out singing to her, but she was fine as soon as she started eating it :)  IMG_0124It was a great birthday for a little princess.

EXTRA: I took a couple of pictures of the kids at Bay Beach, I think they turned out cute.




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