Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Princess Party


Saturday we had Alexa’s third birthday party. Months ago I had asked her what kind of party she wanted she told me “Pink and Princess” and she never changed.

I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to have everyone dress up as princesses or not, however, some of the guests took matters into their own hands, and I am so glad that they did!!


Having a group of princesses celebrate with Princess Lexie was just TOO MUCH!! I loved it, but more than that, Lexie loved it.

The party started with a tea party, one of Lexie’s favorite activities.




Next we opened gifts. One of Lexie’s favorite gifts from her party was a pink KodakShare camera. She asks to borrow Treyton camera all the time, and even the morning of the party she had asked him. She is thrilled to finally have one of her own, in fact she has taken over 250 pictures in the last 24 hours!! IMG_0198

She literally walked around taking pictures of everything: from shoes in my closet, her stuffed animals, laundry, wrapping paper, etc. It’s so cute to see life from Lexie’s eyes :)


Watching Lexie open gifts is always a treat she is overly enthusiastic about it. Every time she would open a gift she would say “Oh my word guys!” and then show people. 


(This is her opening a card :))

We got Lexie a Princess Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen with light-up princesses. (We love these cakes) Lexie sang Happy Birthday to herself louder than anyone else. :) I’m glad that we got it on video.


IMG_0315Birthday parties are always a great opportunity to take family pictures, and we took full advantage. Here are some of our family with the grandparents and then some of the 5 of us.



IMG_0313It was a great day! At the end of the day Lexie said to me “I had so much fun today Mommy!” My heart just melted. It made any sacrifice to pull off the day more than worth it. IMG_0288

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