Monday, July 4, 2011

Treyton’s VBS

This past week Treyton had VBS at a local church.

He really enjoyed the experience and I think it was good for him.

Sadly, on Wednesday, when I went to pick Treyton up, I couldn’t find him with the rest of the kids. Right about the time I was going to panic, I saw him come out of a side room with several adults and an ice pack on his neck. I guess while playing a game outside, he ran into a wire (with his neck) that was supporting a newly planted tree.


Poor guy! Luckily there was a nurse there, and she had checked him for swelling. He was able to drink and breath easily and the pain was mostly gone by the time I even got him in the car.

Thursday I think was his favorite day because he was able to bring his cousin, Emma, who came up with her dad to work. 


On the last day, Friday, the church had a 30-minute recap and performance planned for the parents and siblings to watch. Lexie sat in the crowd doing the motions right along with Treyton (too cute)! I loved the fact that the pastor got up and shared the gospel message with the parents and siblings who did not attend the VBS program, what a great idea and something I have never seen done at a VBS.


All-in-all it was a great week for Treyton, and for Lexie and I, as we got to spend some good 1-on-1 time together in the mornings while Audrey napped. Great memories.   


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