Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working Hard this Summer

I love summer time! We have so much fun being outside, camping, doing birthday parties, playing, and just as importantly – working hard.

Tim and I always had the desire of growing a garden, and when we moved to the country three summers ago, we finally had our opportunity. We tried last year but the spot we ended up picking was low-land and it flooded, preventing any real harvest. This year we decided to do raised beds in the same place and our garden is doing really well.

IMG_0327We have already been able to harvest our beets and peas as well as some of our peppers and basil. I pickled and canned the beats, and the kids ate all of the fresh peas as we picked them. I also canned the peppers, dried some of the basil and made pesto from the rest.

IMG_0050In addition to this Tim’s Aunt graciously let us pick (twice) raspberries from her garden, so I was able to make both raspberry jam and raspberry syrup.


I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where my mother was an avid gardener and canner, so she handed down a lot of her supplies to me, making canning a natural thing for me to do. IMG_0052

Now being a mother myself I realize the joy of seeing your children share an interest in helping garden, harvest and can. Treyton, in particular, is a great helper.   IMG_0335 (This is what my kitchen looks like on a typical canning afternoon)


In addition to our garden, this summer we have been working on some minor landscaping – we planted two apple trees, a raspberry bush as well as pulled several (ugly) bushes from our front rock beds and planted two new bushes (a hydrangea and hibiscus).

We have a large open yard, which we feel so blessed to have, but to be honest Tim and I have no real experience with landscaping so we spend most of our time throwing around ideas, and changing our minds :)

Here are some cute pictures of my two boys working on pulling out our ugly bushes. Excuse the little underwear boy…. it was hot. IMG_0337 







Job well done boys!!

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