Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alexa’s 3 Year Old Questionnaire

image What is your name: Lexa

When is your birthday: August (Her birthday is actually in July, Treyton’s is in August)

How old are you: 3!!

Who is your Mom: Mama

What does your Mom do: Read books with Treyton.

Who is your Daddy: Daddy

What does your Daddy do: Buy stuff

What is your favorite color: Pink!!

What is your favorite song: Cannot Wait

What do you want to do when you grow up: I want like a baby

Where do you want to live when you grow up: Not in Kaukauna, I will go to America

What is your favorite food: Pineapple, NO Apples or Bananas (she doesn’t like bananas), I like crackers and marshmallows. (at this point she breaks out in song and starts singing “yummy yummy marshmallows”)

What is your least favorite food: pineapple (she eats pineapple, while it’s certainly not her favorite food, it’s not like she doesn’t like it either, not sure where this answer came from), not spiders

What is your favorite animal: Train (what she calls Treyton) saw a “big big big zebra”… it was a big one. I like Lambies, not tiger, nope. Don’t you like Kitty cats?: They bite me!

What is your favorite thing to do: play with toys, sit in a time out, no, get a spanking, no. I love Daddy, I love mommy, I love Treyton, I love Audrey and Lexie I like Lexie too.

What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: Pray

What does Daddy say: Love you

What does Mommy say: I love you

Who does our family love the most: Mommy and Dad… and Treyton…. and God…. and Daddy-o, and me, and Daudrey

Where do we go to church: To mine, Mommy and Daddy’s Audrey’s and Train’s and Lexie’s

Why do we go to church: Because we need to go to church Why do we need to go to church? Cause

What is your favorite book: Princess

What is your favorite movie: Princess, with long hair. (She’s referring to tangled)

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Milk

Where do you like to eat: Kaukauna

Who is your favorite person: Lamby

Who is your best friend: Treynon

Who is your brother: Treynon

Who is your sister: Daudry

Where did your sister come from: I don’t know

Where did your brother come from: I don’t know, either


Alexa is such a blessing to our family. She is a bundle of personality that we can’t get enough of! I’ll admit that she’s the one that wears me out the quickest right now, but not because she’s bad or too much, but because she’s learning a lot right now. I have to stay on my toes and remain consistent to teach her rightly. I am learning more and more with her to only say no when I HAVE to and to try to let her be who she is without trying to control her. She hates to be controlled, and so that doesn’t work well for either of us. Using a gentle approach is usually the best way to reach her, and it’s an answer to prayer to watch as she’s slowly learning to respect authority.

My favorite thing about Alexa right now is how much she loves to cuddle with me. She is a little snuggler, especially in the morning and after her naps. She is also an avid singer, commonly breaking out in song at any point during the day or conversation. It’s not unlike her to start singing an answer rather than to say it (like above when she started singing “yummy, yummy marshmallows”). She will commonly combine two or three songs together to make her own renditions. Just yesterday she combined the song “Jesus loves me” and “God Bless America” into a “Jesus loves America” style song.

Alexa is nurturing, loving and particularly fond of her siblings, having a strong yet unique bond with both her brother and sister. Being in the middle, I think she relates to both. I am so grateful to see that she has the grace, strength and the compassion to handle the middle-position of the family. She does it well.

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