Sunday, August 28, 2011

Treyton’s 6 Birthday - Sports Party

IMG_0041Treyton turned 6 this past Friday. Dad had to work in the morning, but after he got home, we had Pizza for lunch (one of Treyton’s favorites) and then Treyton opened his gifts.

IMG_0030 After Treyton opened his gifts we had plans to go to Bay Beach, but mom ended up getting a headache (in addition to the onset of a cold). So Treyton allowed mom to rest, and we decided to push Bay Beach off until next week. Instead he spent the afternoon playing with all of his new toys, including a Nintendo DS lite (a huge hit!). That night for dinner we went to Nakashima’s (as always) per Treyton’s request. It was great food, and our chef was even more fun than normal.  IMG_0054Treyton decided on a sports theme party this year. My sister, made him a baseball cake, which Treyton had helped design ;)

IMG_0055 As usual, we had lots of little ones, to entertain us and keep us on our toes :)

IMG_0057Here is my niece, Madison and Audrey, “sharing”, at least as well as 1 year olds share.

IMG_0066 We started the party off with a fun baseball game. I was happy that almost all of the kids participated, and a lot of the adults stepped up to help coordinate the game.


The cake was not only pretty, it was delicious, too. Thank you Alana, for making it.


IMG_0092Treyton had a GIANT piece of cake, which he didn’t even come close to finishing, but made him feel special.

IMG_0094 Next was a small football game for the older kids and dads.

IMG_0116To end the party, Treyton opened his gifts.

He got lots of legos, which is what he wanted. He has already started working on building with some of them.


IMG_0131Earlier this summer, Treyton’s bike met a tragic end after getting backed over, so he’s been without one for about a month or so. Aunt Toni was very generous and bought him a new one for his birthday.

IMG_0138 Our friend, Dustin, went for a little ride on the bike as well. :)


Here’s a picture of the 4 babies from my side of the family, all at the party, born with in 5 months of each other, this is actually the first picture of all 4 of them together.

IMG_0141We all had a fun time. Treyton actually said he might do a sports party again next year…. he hasn’t decided yet, which I think means he had fun.

I’m so grateful for all of our family and friends that came to hang out and love on Treyton for his birthday.

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