Sunday, August 28, 2011

Treyton’s 6 Year Old Questionnaire

IMG_0005This past Friday was Treyton’s 6th Birthday. Like most kids his age, he looked talked about the big day for at least the past 3 months. In honor of his birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to post his 6 year old  questionnaire.  

What is your name: Treyton

When is your birthday: August 26th

How old are you: 5 1/2, almost 6

Who is your Mom: Amber

What does your Mom do: She plays with me, she does school with me.

Who is your Daddy: Tim

What does your Daddy do: He works and provides for us, right?

What is your favorite color: Um, Orange, and then red

What is your favorite song: Ewww…. nice trick, Boom Bop

What do you want to do when you grow up: I want to, well, I’m thinking about doing baseball

Where do you want to live when you grow up: North America

What is your favorite food: I have some: pizza, corn, tacos and snacks and special treats

What is your least favorite food: potatoes, I hate. I do not like tomatoes and I do not like mushrooms

What is your favorite animal: Puppy Dog and then a turtle

What is your favorite thing to do: play with my family and have my party, and play with my sisters

What do Mom and Dad do after you go to bed: Talk and Work

What does Daddy say: He says “Night, Night Treyton” and “I love you”

What does Mom say: “I’m sorry” and “I love you” 

Who does our family love the most: Treyton

Where do we go to church: We go pretty much anywhere

Why do we go to church: Because we are Christians and we love God and we want to learn about God.

What is your favorite book: Spiderman

What is your favorite movie: The Princess (but he gave me a just kidding smile) Tangled? Yeah but…. It’s okay if you like Tangled Yeah? I guess that one then, I just don’t want to be weird to like a princess one It’s not weird to like that movie. 

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate!!!!!!!

Where do you like to eat: When I’m hungry for it I like to eat at Sushi, the one where they sit in front of you (he means habachi)

Who is your favorite person: Mama

Who is your best friend: Henry

Who is your brother: zero. I don’t have a brother!! Why did you answer that?!?!?! (He meant ask) Say nothing!! (He’s getting very worked up that I’m typing saying) “what is this? what is this? take that away!” (I “cut” all the writing and paste it back in later)

Who is your sister(s): Dexa and Audrey

Where did your sister come from: Mommy and the doctor

IMG_0041Treyton is an incredible boy and my big helper around the house. To be honest, most days I don’t know what I would do without him. His biggest flaw would be that he tries to teach and correct his sisters too much, but I truly think most of the time it’s out of love. Just today after I corrected him for it he told me “If I don’t tell her, she won’t know, I don’t want her to be stupid, I want her to know, to understand!”

Treyton has a very wise and discerning spirit, on the flip side of that he can be very skeptical and critical as well. I am a lot like this as well. Lately we’ve both been trying to work on this, so we’ve come up with our own little daily routine of telling each other our “Happy List” we’ll pick a number usually 2-5 and we have to tell each other that many things that made us happy that day, or that we thought were good. It’s easy for us both to go through the day, and have one or two stressful moments and we forget about all the good. This has been a good practice for us.

Treyton is very practical and analytical, honest and for the most part very black-and-white when it comes to things being right or wrong. He’s inquisitive, loves to ask questions and if he doesn’t understand he’ll keep asking until he does.

I am so blessed to be his mother, and I truly do think he’s the most amazing boy in the world!! (Although he tells me “all parents think that about their boys”). Ahhh…. my realist.

Happy Birthday Little Man, I hope you had an amazing day, a great party and a blessed year!!

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