Friday, September 16, 2011

Audrey’s New Bed

Audrey got her very own big girl bed today. For the first time, we didn’t transition right to a twin bed, merely for the sake of space in the girls’ room, we got Audrey a toddler bed.

It’s super cute.

I didn’t get a picture of her with it all set up right before bed (we were too excited and I forgot). But I did get a picture of her (with Alexa) right after I set it up this afternoon.


I also got some pictures of the bedroom set up…. so girly, so cute.    



Tim picked out some really cute sheets from Target. They are pink and green lady bug, and they match perfectly to the quilt I made her before she was born.

So as far as the transition, night one went perfectly.

We laid the girls down at their usual time. I went in one time because Audrey was laying on the floor trying to sleep. I just moved her back into her bed and she fell asleep right away.

I can’t believe that she’s so big already. Time really does fly!

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