Friday, September 23, 2011

A Quick Update & Lots of Pictures

Okay, so I admit, I haven’t posted pictures or a real update in… A LONG time. So tonight is going to be my best attempt at playing a little catch up.

We have had a very fun summer. We had a couple (3 or 4) camping trips, obviously 2 birthday parties, 3 weeks worth of swim lessons, Tim and I’s 8 year anniversary, one week of VBS, Treyton was in Baseball and just this past month was in a 4-week Flag Football program (that he LOVED). Oh yeah, and least I forget my awesome week away to New York City with my sister. We do school throughout the summer and are currently 11 (or 12 I can’t remember) weeks in to our school year. We also had a garden this summer and I canned peppers and beets from it as well as raspberry jam and sauce from Tim’s Aunnt’s raspberry patch. 

Overall, life is going well. School is a little tougher this year trying to teach 2 and keep Audrey entertained, but it isn’t bad, merely challenging.

After several years worth of church hopping, Tim and I are praying it’s the Lord’s will to keep us at the church we are now at. This is really a post for a different time – but to put it simply, we have not been at a single church for more than a year since we’ve gotten married. Partly because we’ve moved so many times, but mostly because that was the journey God wanted us on – the process has taught us so much and we’ve met some great friends along the way – but we are really hoping and praying that we can settle down (at least for a while).

I have so much more I want to say, mostly about the kids and how cute they are, but if I try to think of everything now this post will never get posted. So here’s a little glimpse to what we’ve been up to in the last month:

IMG_01828.22.2011 First time coloring for Audrey. Alexa is a WONDERFUL colorer (she is honestly, the best 3 year old colorer I’ve ever seen) 

IMG_0203 8.22.2011 A school project: He built an Indian Wigwam

IMG_0219 8.23.2011 First Day of Flag Football. Treyton’s in the packer jersey (#12)

IMG_0220  8.23.2011 Flag Football – ready for anything

IMG_0217 8.23.2011 First day of Flag Football – he’s in the packer jersey #12


8.29.2011 One of Treyton’s favorite rides is the swings


8.29.2011 Lovin Bay Beach 

IMAG00118.29.2011 I just love her smile.

IMG_0027 8.29.2011 Last Bay Beach trip for us this year

IMG_0043 8.30.11 He LOVES his bow and arrow, always looking for a reason to use it.

IMG_00889.1.2011 Just relaxing during story time


IMG_0098 9.2.11 Rearranging the furniture. Check out those defined arms!! (She gets that from her Dad) 

IMG_00999.3.11 There is no justifiable explanation for this…. sooo…. I’m just not going to say anything :) 

IMG_0106 9.8.11 Learning to sew – his first project – a leather book cover.


9.9.11 The Kids and I took a little field trip to the zoo. Lexie wouldn’t stop picking her nose even when I told her to “stop!”… so I consider this justice.  IMG_01369.9.11 Audrey LOVED the dinosaur this trip

IMG_0145 9.9.11 Oh my WORD! They’re all looking at the camera – the best picture EVER!

IMG_02399.14.2011 Our little baker 

IMG_0248 9.14.2011 Our little taste tester

IMG_02599.15.2011 Making Butter 

IMG_0272 9.15.2011 Yummy Cupcakes

IMG_0007 9.19.11 Alexa, learning about the letter S in school



IMG_0037The kids watching TV together one afternoon. Audrey doesn’t normally watch TV but this afternoon, she walked up to Treyton for him to pick her up – he did, and she sat there for probably 10 minutes cuddling with him. Super cute, of course, so I grabbed a picture.

IMG_0113 Hanging outside in the backyard 9.23.11



I can’t help but add a little bit more about each of the kids. (I don’t know what my deal is I just love talking about them).


Newly turned 6, he takes his age very seriously. Our wise, analytical child, he understands many things beyond his years. He loves sports and competition – really he likes to play ANY games of any type any time. We are slowly getting through to him the importance of encouragement, and thanks to some good examples from his friend Henry, he seems to be doing better in this area.

He got a nintendo DS for his birthday (a handheld gaming system), which has got to be his all time favorite thing right now! Tim and I are pretty strict on how much time he can spend on it, which can be a source of strife between us (and Treyton) but I think it’s good. He’s learning responsibility, and some great lessons in self-control.

He is now in piano lessons, which I think are really great for him. Along with learning music and piano, I see him being stretched (not in a bad way) in learning how to listen. He is learning to train his ear to hear more than one command (or series of commands) in a row, which has been a tough thing for him. He enjoys practicing and showing off his new skills.


Alexa, our free spirit, is coming to a place where she and I are a little more “balanced”. Finally she is at least able to respect authority, while I have learned how to let go of the negotiables and present things in a more favorable light.

Super funny and entertaining, she makes me laugh everyday, multiple times a day. Her laugh is contagious, loud and from the bottom of her soul – there’s nothing like it.

She loves to dance and listen to music. We call her our “worshiper”. She learns the words to songs after listening to them only a few times, and walks around singing all the time. Definitely an auditory learners, she has an incredible memory.  She loves school, loves reading, both to herself (flipping through story books) and to listen to others.

Extremely dramatic, just listening to her talk is hilarious. “Oh honey” she’ll say “I just don’t even know….” Okay, so I can’t portray it here, but it really is cute.


Audrey is almost 18 months old. She doesn’t talk, at all. Which sometimes concerns me, but I’m trying not to think about it much. She used to say “Dad” but now she doesn’t as much. She will say “ma ma” when she’s crying but that’s really all.

She waves – to anything that’s moving.

She is learning how to take a stair (just one ;))

She eats A LOT. And I mean A LOT. I have never seen a child eat as much as she does. She eats more than Lexie and Treyton combined at any given meal, and truthfully Lexie eats like a bird, but Treyton… that boy can put down some food. Rarely does Audrey stop herself when she’s eating, but Tim and I will finally decide she’s had enough and stop feeding her. After she’s done eating, walks with her gut pushed out, and I kid you not, if she didn’t I think she would tip right over.

Audrey laughs whenever anyone else in the family is laughing. Totally adorable.

She is still taking two naps (nice), her morning nap is only an hour, but her afternoon nap is between two and three hours.

I LOVE how much she cuddles. She is an amazing cuddler. Head on your shoulder, thumb in her mouth, arms around you…. love it.


Well, I guess that’s it for now…. Hopefully it won’t be as long before my next update!

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amanda said...

it's so fun to read through all that. even though i 'know' most of it. i ADORE the nose picking picture. maybe you can put it on the slide show for her and dustin's wedding. ;) ((btw. randomly shaun and i were talking about our kids growing up and dating. i said they could potentially want to date our friend's kids. that seems so weird! but we decided we were cool with treyton and alexa.)) i'm SO thankful that God has brought you to the vine. SO thankful. more thankful than you'll know! i'm so thankful for your friendship. i love having someone who "gets" me. and shaun shakes his head anytime he hears you talk because it's like listening to me. HA HA HA!