Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things I Heard Myself Say This Week

During my daily routine, I often don’t listen closely to all the things I say to my kids. Things that, I’ll be honest, I never would have imagined myself saying 6 years ago. But this week, while on the phone with my sister, I heard myself yell out to my son “Pull your pants up, and stop mooning your sister! No, I don’t care if it’s funny.” She, of course, thought it was hilarious (I did not, at the time) but it got me thinking and I started writing down some of the other things that I heard myself saying throughout the day. Looking back over it, it makes me smile, I hope it will for you, too.


~ “No, it’s not poop, but I’m not sure what it is. (This may have been wishful thinking) But yes, you should definitely go wash your hands.”

~ “How strong is that dollhouse? Hmm… pretty strong.”

~ “No, Daddy did not carry you in his uterus, because Daddy doesn’t have a uterus.”

~ “That was really nice of you to place all of those boards in front of the bee hole. I know, it is frustrating that they can still get in.”

~ “That’s great that you brushed your teeth yesterday, but you should really brush them every day. I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear – you WILL brush them every day.”

~ “No a chicken is not cow meat, it’s chicken meat.”

~ “Because sitting on Audrey’s head is never a good idea even if she likes it, and because I said so.”

~ “No, I am not pregnant. I know because I don’t have a baby in my belly. Yes, Auntie Skye has a baby in her belly – that’s what pregnant means.”

~ “No I do not think a giraffe would eat a prairie dog. I’m pretty sure. I’m not sure if giraffes like lambies. You’re right, they probably would be friends.”

~ “Yes, if you fell from the ceiling you could die. You’re right, you could just be hurt, but you probably wouldn’t want to try it to find out.”

~ “I’m not sure who would be faster, you or a dog, I think it would depend on how big the dog was and if you ate your lunch that day. Your right, I do just want you to eat your lunch.”

~ “You never, ever, need this much toilet paper for ANYTHING, ever. Ever.”

~ “Did you just wipe your nose on my leg? That’s disgusting. And rude. Please don’t do that again.”

~ “Please stop sucking your toe. Seriously, it’s gross and it’s just not a habit you want to start.”


I love being a mom!!

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