Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Camping (August 2011)

August 18th – 20th we went camping up in Peninsula State Park up in Door County with some of Tim’s family. It was a beautiful camping trip and we had a great time. 

IMG_0024 Going for a walk.

IMG_0027 Cousins

IMG_0045  I forget what it’s called, but on the trail we went on there were these obstacles we had to complete, it was a lot of fun and we all tried them.



IMG_0058 Cousins in a big chair at Julie’s Park Cafe’ where we ate for lunch.

IMG_0068 Mommer and Papa…. awww… how cute.


IMG_0142 Mommer and her Grand Babies…. we stopped on our bike ride to take some pictures on the bay. IMG_0145

IMG_0078 Morning time, our children are bright and shiny!!

IMG_0084 At the top of the tower…. a beautiful sight, but a little sunny. Treyton doesn’t handle the sun well :)

IMG_0085 Looking over the edge.

IMG_0090 A pretty little girl.

IMG_0094 Mason and Audrey… looking out.


IMG_0115I love this picture. 

IMG_0116Mommer and Papa

IMG_0124Sawyer and Lexie, playing checkers ;) 

IMG_0132A bike trail. 

IMG_0136 A family picture by the bay – I love Lexie holding my neck.

The day we left we went out to lunch with the kids – they were particularly goofy and funny this day.






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