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Review: My First Hands-On Bible

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The My First Hands-On Bible is a preschool age hands-on Bible with over 85 common Bible stories kids enjoy. The Bible uses abridged New Living Translation text. Each story includes hands-on activities, discussion questions, a simple prayer, additional activities and my favorite part the Jesus Connection which helps show your children that ALL scripture points to Jesus.

Product Review

I’ll be honest, I love Bibles. Bibles of any kinds, old used crinkly page King James Bibles, Children’s Bibles, crispy new page Bibles, even Bibles that smell funny I love – all of them, I love them all!!

So pretty much any chance I’m given the chance to review a Bible, I do. Though, I’m not always impressed, particularly with Children’s Bibles – I was this time.

True to it’s name, it really was a Hands-On Bible. I have received other Bibles that claim to be hands-on but include little more than a few discussion questions, that’s not the case with this Children’s Bible.

Our Family’s Experience

The first story we read together was “Jesus is Born” from Luke 2:1-7 the hands-on activities included in this story were

  • Discuss what a census is. Take our own census of the people living in our home.
    • This was so great for my son Treyton, who is 6. He really understood what a census was and what Mary and Joseph were going to do.
  • Walk around the room in different fun ways. We’ll pretend to be Mary and Joseph.
    • My kids and I decided to have Treyton be the donkey and Lexie to be Mary – Treyton even had the idea of putting a baby in Lexie’s baby to make her look more like Mary (she used her little Lamby).


  • Look at the picture [in the book] and tell how Jesus’ bed is different from yours.
    • Treyton already understood that Jesus was born in a “barn”, Lexie didn’t really, this was a simple illustration of that.


(The kids, taking care of “baby Jesus” together)

At the end of the story we sang a really cute song to the tune of “Farmer and the Dell” that went like this

Jesus went to sleep, Jesus went to sleep

Just like you and just like me, Jesus went to sleep

Jesus learned to crawl, Jesus learned to crawl.

Just like you and just like me, Jesus learned to crawl.

Treyton and Alexa ended up adding several verses to this song, including: Jesus learned to walk, Jesus learned to read, Jesus learned the pray, Jesus grew some teeth. 

Lastly, we talked about things that we each had to learn, and that Audrey is learning right now, that Jesus had to learn, just like us. (We were supposed to look at the kids baby pictures, which I thought was a great idea, but we didn’t)

The kids loved this Bible story and all the activities that went with it. It really opened their eyes to details of the story that they didn’t know before. Even Treyton, who is 6, and knew this story pretty well already, didn’t realize a few of the details, like the fact that Jesus had to grow up and learn things, just like any baby has too.

This Bible is recommended for preschoolers, but it could certainly be used with most early elementary students. I plan on implementing it into our family devotions and/or school time Bible.

You can purchase My First Hands-On Bible for $11.55 at amazon.

Disclaimer: This is a MamaBuzz Media review. The product was provided by: Tyndale for this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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