Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Florida Vacation: Day 1

We decided to take a family vacation trip to Florida this year. We’ve been wanting to go back to Disney World with the kids since the last time we were here (almost 3 years ago). I had been planning it for a while, and knew we wanted to do it December, January or February, though we didn’t finalize it until last minute.

We left early on Friday morning, our first stop was in Indianapolis at the Children’s Museum there. This was a HUGE museum… so huge in fact, we didn’t even see all of it.

The kids had a lot of hands-on fun….  IMG_0010Here are Treyton and Alexa building the walls of a mine, to keep it sturdy, in the archaeological section.

IMG_0025 Audrey, learning all she can about fish.

IMG_0032Assembling the easy and medium level statue puzzles (also in the archaeological section). This was to illustrate to the kids that archaeologists learn how things are made by putting them together.  IMG_0033 

IMG_0037 Observing the trains station from the “inside”

IMG_0038All About Frogs, a temporary set-up they had lots of different species of live frogs for the kids to look at (even a super huge bullfrog).

IMG_0045Then the kids got to dress up as frogs and jump around trying to catch bugs (a.k.a. bug shaped lights moving on the floor). Are these not the cutest frogs you’ve ever seen (and graceful too I might add)? ;)


IMG_0052They had a dinosaur section that Treyton really enjoyed. I couldn’t believe that some of their dinosaur fossils were actual fossils and not just casts. I thought that was pretty cool.

IMG_0054They had a Jolly Winter set up for the season, which was pretty cute, not to mention festive. 

IMG_0058 Alexa loved the snow castle as any true princess would.

IMG_0071Audrey found her home among the sand pit, water table and digger machine! She loved this thing, I think it made her feel really “big” to pull all of the gadgets and push the buttons without being told “no”.

IMG_0078There was the big slide in the middle of the museum going from the second floor to the first floor all decked out in winter wonderland theme that the kids, Mommer and Daddy went on.

IMG_0085Treyton may have gotten a little carried away near the glass fire work ceiling section, but like any good parent I took a picture before asking him to get off of the rotating chair.

IMG_0087It was a really fun museum with TONS to do. I wish we would have had time to explore them all. They offered a great diversity of ages, which means we didn’t even do/look at half of the museum, and we still had plenty to do. IMG_0089 And I guess that’s fine, cause there is always next time! IMG_0091 


Here is a picture of Treyton in the entrance with the biggest transformer we’ve ever seen…. totally awesome…. and this is just day 1!! Tomorrow is all about Rock City in Tennessee (or is it Georgia?!?!?)

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