Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Florida Vacation Day 11

I haven’t spent much time on the computer the last couple of weeks so I forgot that I hadn’t posted on our last day of vacation.

We drove from Florida to Lousville, Kentucky on the 11th. We stayed over night there, and the next morning got up to go to the Lousville Slugger Museum.

This was an awesome stop – I’m so glad we did it!!  IMG_0043Here we are in front of the museum and standing next to the biggest bat in the world. Its 120 feet tall and weighs 68,000 pounds. IMG_0046I had given Treyton several choices on what he wanted to do on the way to and from Florida, and this was his first choice. He was really excited about this stop. IMG_0047During the tour we saw how they made the bats, as well as how the Major League Baseball bats have changed over the years. IMG_0049 Here Lexie is holding a larger, older style bat. IMG_0050This was one of Babe Ruth’s bat, where you can see the niche’s he carved in for each home run he hit with this bat. IMG_0051  IMG_0053 They also had some wax players that we got to take pictures with. IMG_0054I’ll be honest, the only two I recognized without reading the tags were Derek Jeter and Babe Ruth. IMG_0055 

IMG_0056We had a fun tour guide, we were the only family on the tour, so it was really personal and friendly. In the picture below, Treyton is holding a billet which is what the baseball bats are actually carved out of. IMG_0057 

IMG_0058The kids really enjoyed the up close and personal view throughout the entire tour. IMG_0059I would definitely recommend this tour to other families. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot. IMG_0065After our tour, Treyton and Tim were able to swing some actual bats used by different baseball players, I think this was Derek Jeter’s bat, but I can’t remember. IMG_0069Then we went to the kids section where there was a little batting cage, that Treyton of course ROCKED! IMG_0073 To say he enjoyed himself would be an understatement.  IMG_0075

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