Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Florida Vacation: Day 2

Day 2 of our vacation we made it to Chattanooga, TN, or I guess it’s Lookout Mountain, GA. I always say it’s Tennessee, but it’s technically Georgia I guess.

We did this three years ago when we came to Florida, and it was one of the highlights for me. It was fun retaking some of the same pictures we took back then, now. I’m going to include some of the older pictures in this post, but I’ll put a border around them so you can tell the difference (though you should be able to figure it out).  IMG_0099This is near the gift shops before you ever get on the trail, but I think it’s pretty so we stopped and took a picture…. both times we were here. 


IMG_0102It’s nice to have someone along with you on trips to help take all those priceless family photos --- thanks Mommer!!

IMG_0109 And a partial family picture with Mommer on the trails.

IMG_0111I kept trying to take a picture of just Treyton, but Lexie just pulled herself up next to him and looked so cute cuddled up to her big brother, I decided to get some together and some separate. image

IMG_0118 Daddy-O and Audrey compared to Alexa and Daddy-O.image I wonder who was heavier… Alexa at 7 months or Audrey at 2o months? Alexa was our little chunk and Audrey our peanut, I bet you it would be closer than we think.

And I don’t know this for sure, but Tim may be wearing the same exact sunglasses from 3 years ago…. how have we not lost them yet? It’s a small miracle!

IMG_0119Yes I know, kind of weird having a picture of JUST me…. but it’s time… it’s been a while! 

IMG_0124 Our family…. I love that we have one more this trip.

image Time . What a funny thing …. it seems so long ago …. yet, it seems like it was just yesterday.

IMG_0127This superhero makes me laugh every day – he is so awesome! 

IMG_0129 Have you ever seen such a tough little princess? I think not.

IMG_0136 Yea!! A picture of our whole group!

IMG_0139This bridge was a lot scarrier in my memories. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I remember…. at least when Tim would stop jumping on it, that is. IMG_0140The kids are fearless. They weren’t frightened at all…. just like walking on solid ground I suppose.

IMG_0142 image

IMG_0144 Mommer was brave too, she’s such a trooper!!

IMG_0153 Two princesses, enjoying God’s beautiful creation, and the blessing to see it.


IMG_0164 Audrey got to get out of the carrier for a while when we were at the lookout, I’d say she’s more than a little bit excited.

IMG_0168 Oh my word, this never happens, are they all looking at the camera without a single one of them closing their eyes OR crying!! I never thought this day would come! IMG_0171 Here’s a second copy, for your viewing pleasure!

IMG_0184 Love this picture, though it was like pulling teeth to get it ;)


IMG_0193 Literally a “fat man squeeze” as Tim would say.

IMG_0199 These two make me smile. My two cuties.

IMG_0201 The rainbow windows… oooohhhh, awwwww!

IMG_0210 This ledge actually shook when you walked on it. A little scary, but not as frightening as the bridge.

IMG_0213Family Photo with the falls in the background.


We got special starbucks treats after our walk on the mountain, to make sure that we replenished any lost calories… wouldn’t want to come home lighter than we left now would we?


(It’s a little bit tougher to hold my little man these days, even if it’s just for a second).

It was a great stop. I love it here. I’m sure we will be back again someday!

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