Saturday, December 10, 2011

Florida Vacation: Day 4

Our first full day in Orlando we woke up early and headed to the Magic Kingdom. The kids watched cartoons in the morning while Mom got ready.  IMG_0260

We really love the condo we got, it’s spacious, well decorated and comfortable. It’s homey feeling… Alexa tells us “she likes our new house”. IMG_0262I have been looking forward to taking Alexa, in particular, to the Magic Kingdom. I wanted to see her face when she saw the castle and the princesses…. I mean, how priceless to see our little princess in the Magic Kingdom surrounded by so many Disney princesses and a CASTLE!! IMG_0265 This is us, moments after walking into the park. Alexa was a little overwhelmed, but in a good way.  IMG_0386And here is our family in front of the castle.  IMG_0269We first headed to Tomorrowland, where the entire crew boarded the peoplemover train. I really like the rides we can do all together.

IMG_0273There are quite a few dark spots on this ride (and I mean DARK). At first I was worried but for no reason it seems, the kids loved it!! Lexie kept saying “Where am I? Where am I?!” and after Tim said “I can’t even see my hands” Lexie kept saying “I can’t see my own hands! I can’t see my own hands! Where am my hands?!” It was really cute.  IMG_0276Our little man, did a great job walking the entire day, which I was a little concerned about, but he never even complained of being tired. ne of the first rides of the day, he rode his first “real” roller coaster – Space Mountain. First with Tim and I and then with Mommer! He LOVED, LOVED LOVED it! IMG_0278Lexie’s main request was to go inside of the castle. Little did she know, we were not only going to in the castle but we were going to eat in the castle! IMG_0285Treyton wasn’t as interested in the amazing art on the wall as he was the metal knight! IMG_0287For lunch, we ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table – where we met Cinderella, and all of the other princesses. It was MAGICAL! I wish I could do it every day. Oh yeah, and the kids loved it too. IMG_0289Snow White was truly delightful, and was not even the least bit bothered by Audrey’s grumpiness for having her lunch interrupted, in fact she was used to “grumpy” :)  IMG_0293Alexa was pretty shy when we met Cinderella, she wouldn’t go up by herself, and barely put on a smile, but by the time Aurora came around she was hugging and cuddling up to them!! IMG_0298Here we are (below) having a typical Schoessow dinner – Treyton is somewhere under the table, Alexa’s mouth is beyond full (not very lady like), and Audrey is so busy stuffing food in her mouth she can’t even turn around…. oh yeah, and you’ll notice mom’s been so busy running around that she hasn’t even touched her food!!

Just another day with our family!!  IMG_0299I get super excited about seeing the princesses! It is THE highlight of the trip for me. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I am 28 years old, but I can’t help myself… I guess I’ll always be a princesses at heart. IMG_0303By the time Belle came around, Alexa was her comfortable, little princesses self and didn’t hesitate at all giving Belle the biggest hug she could. IMG_0307For dessert the kids got cupcakes that they could decorate themselves with three different toppings: marshmallows, chocolate chips and sprinkles. Treyton used all of ALL three of them.IMG_0314 He didn’t quite finish it (thankfully!) IMG_0321All of the princesses get wands with their lunch, while the princes get swords. Treyton LOVED his sword and has had it by his side the entire trip. He thought he was cool stuff, storing it in his belt loops while he walked around.

IMG_0322After lunch, Mommer and Treyton went back and used their fast passes on Space Mountain, while Dad took both the girls on the Dumbo ride.

IMG_0331Something we did this time, that we didn’t do last time we were here was Tom Sawyer Island. It was really cool. Lots of neat things to walk through and see. IMG_0342 The cute set up inspired us to take lots of pictures. IMG_0344 And of course, the kids needed to do some goofy ones too… IMG_0349The Island had a wobbly bridge that we went over a couple of times, because it was so much fun… Dad makes these kind of things seem dangerous (and rather difficult) to walk across while he’s JUMPING.

IMG_0353Lexie wore her Minnie Mouse dress the entire day. Everyone called her princess and she loved it!! During the parade Minnie Mouse pointed her out and motioned that they were wearing the same dress…. It was really special. IMG_0360It was such a memorable day. We spent the entire day in the park from 9:30-8:00. We missed the fireworks, which would have been nice, but we were all getting a little tired and wanted to end on a good note, knowing this was the first day of six in the parks, we didn’t want to over do it. We did see them as we walked to our car, which kind of counts, right? IMG_0365 This picture deserves a little explanation (below) Treyton wanted a “serious” picture… here is our best attempt :), I’m not sure, but I think that’s Audrey’s attempt at flexing. IMG_0369 The girls had the best time swinging the rope back and forth here… after all those rides and all the money spent, it remains the simple things in life that make the kids the happiest. IMG_0375 There were two parades on Main Street while we were there. First a dancing float one with singing and dancing at 5:30 or 6:00. Alexa really liked this one. IMG_0393 And then there was the lights parade at 7:00, where all the floats were lit up with Christmas lights. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was WAY cool! IMG_0409

It was a great first day, this was the longest that we spent at any park, and it was busier than it was the last time we were here, but we rode all the rides we had on our wish list, ate great food, saw two parades, one 3D movie and met four of the princesses – it was a great day!!

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