Monday, December 12, 2011

Florida Vacation: Day 5

The second park we visited was Epcot. I was really looking forward to seeing the World Showcases, but we didn’t make it further than the second showcase by nightfall.    IMG_0002The kids were amazed by “the ball”…. and let’s be honest, who isn’t? IMG_0005The weather was beautiful all week and this day was no exception it was about 78 degrees and sunny. IMG_0008While dad ran in to The Land building to get our fast passes for “Soarin”, Treyton wanted to take some pictures with Mommer. IMG_0014Then he wanted to take pictures of me and Mommer…. He took a ton of them, which made us start laughing. Seriously, we had over 10 on the camera. IMG_0022And then some of the two of us. He is an amazing boy and loves his Mom and Mommer so much – he warms our hearts.  IMG_0026Audrey worked hard to get away with sucking her thumb all week, any time we took her thumb away something like this would usually happen…. IMG_0029One of the cutest shows at Epcot is “Talking to Crush” (the turtle from Finding Nemo). It’s an interactive show, which is super cool. Treyton was surrounded by princesses during the show, but he didn’t seem to mind. IMG_0032 Audrey had no problem taking charge and walking around wherever she pleased until the show started. IMG_0033We had a picture with this shark from the last time we came to Epcot, and Treyton asked before we even arrived to the park to take a picture with the shark again, so this picture was for him. IMG_0036Alexa was a big helper all day, pushing her stroller rather than riding in it :) We brought it just in case her knees started bothering her (which happens a lot), but she never used it, so we only brought it this one day. IMG_0040I really enjoyed being at the park while they had their Christmas Decorations up. Each park had a different themed tree. IMG_0041As far as the world show case went, we only visited Mexico and Norway, both of them had a fun little boat ride that we went on. IMG_0043 And we were lucky enough to meet Donald Duck while in Mexico. IMG_0050 Audrey really warmed up to him, which was cute. IMG_0052 Our next stop was Norway where we had reservations to have Dinner with Belle and the other princesses. Here is Lexie patiently waiting to get in. IMG_0053Alexa was much more friendly this time with the princesses, and even twirled around with Belle. IMG_0057The professional picture turned out super cute!! This is from my camera, which is also cute, but not as clear as the one we got from them as part of our dinner package. IMG_0059

Of course Belle wasn’t the only princess we met – we met Aurora….IMG_0062snow white…. IMG_0066 … and Cinderella. Sadly, when Alexa went to get out of her chair to take a picture with Cinderella she fell and hit her head. Needless to say, she was in no mood for a picture. But kindly, Cinderella offered to come back later. And she did!! IMG_0068 Alexa was still a little upset when Ariel came by but we still tried to take a picture anyway. IMG_0071 Here’s one with Cinderella, the second time around…. much better. IMG_0073After dinner we went on a viking boat ride, we liked it so much we went twice. Afterwards we walked through the gift shop (to get out), and the kids found these Viking hats… they were so cute acting out with them. Here they are – with their funny faces. IMG_0085

It was another full day, but we only spent one day at Epcot, and we were able to do everything that we wanted. The kids did well and above everything else we got to eat with the princesses AGAIN!!

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