Monday, December 12, 2011

Florida Vacation: Day 6

Our third day at Disney we went to Hollywood Studios. This was by far the most busy of all the parks while we were there.

We started out going on the Tower of Terror ride. It’s a bungee type ride…. you drop, then fly back up and drop again and again, it’s…. intense!

It was hilarious to see Treyton’s face on this ride. He couldn’t wait to take Mommer the next time and her face was just as priceless!! I wish I could have taken a picture, while they were on it, but I had to make do with taking one afterward.  IMG_0002Mommer said that it was her favorite ride, but that she would not do it again. :) IMG_0004We saw two different shows while at Hollywood Studios – the Live Beauty and the Beast show IMG_0005 

IMG_0009and the Lights, Motors, Actions show. Which is a car stunt show. Treyton LOVED it! He watched as closely as he could to every move.IMG_0014I enjoyed the shows that we saw at the park and I loved the Tower of Terror ride, but I was a little bit beyond stressed out at this park. Between the crowds and the long waits to see shows, the kids were a little less patient, and I was much less patient – so we called it an early day. IMG_0016When we got back to the condo, we all took naps, went swimming and Alexa called Aunt Tami to bond over her meeting with Princess Belle.

It was a relaxing ending to the day.

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