Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Florida Vacation: Day 9

Treyton’s do-over park choice was Animal Kingdom.

After going on Treyton’s favorite ride (the Everest roller coaster) a couple of times, we headed over to Alexa’s: the spinny dinosaur one. We did it four times in a row this day!! This is not a Mommer or Daddy style ride, so mom was left to hop on board with the kids, it wasn’t too bad actually, they keep it slow enough that I didn’t get dizzy at all. IMG_0004 Audrey went on this ride too, she loved it!! She yelled at first, more out of surprise, then delight. IMG_0006 In Africa, we took a train ride out to Rafiki’s area – where we got to pet some sheep and goats. IMG_0028The kids liked this – as did I, until a hungry goat stepped on my flip-flopped feet and cut my toe… ouch! Those things are heavier than they look!  IMG_0015 Audrey loved the animals so much she wanted to crawl into the pen with them :)  IMG_0018 Ohhh Audge… the animals are too much! It’s too exciting! IMG_0020We had wanted to do the safari ride on our fist visit, but it was shut down due to some track problems. So we went this day, instead. IMG_0031The coolest thing we saw on it, were hippos actually out of the water (much pinker than we had thought), but I didn’t get my camera out and aimed in time. IMG_0034 This ride was a big hit for the whole family. IMG_0035

We called it an early day, and went back to the condo to enjoy the pool for the last time. IMG_0038 There were lots of tricks this day. IMG_0040 Mommer, Audrey and I sat happily on the sidelines, dry! IMG_0041

Day 10 we left early (about 6am) and drove all day to Louisville Kentucky, where we stayed in a hotel for the night.

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