Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any family pictures, so I decided I would post a few of my favorites from the last month, though I’ll be honest most of them are of Audrey.

I spend so much time taking pictures of the old two kids during school, that I tend to compensate by taking pictures of Audrey when we’re not doing school. I’m going to try to do better at taking pictures of Alexa and Treyton when we’re not doing school.

IMG_0005 Mom and Audrey cuddling

IMG_0216   Princess Alexa, beading

IMG_0116 First real snow of the year, living it up.

IMG_0119 Crazy hair day at the Schoessow house

IMG_0126  Treyton’s idea of warming up while playing outside

IMG_0132  Snow Angels for Alexa

IMG_0135Audrey is becoming quite the little ham, she has learned recently how to say “cheese” for the camera.

IMG_0138   IMG_0158 Oh my word, that’s adorable!!

IMG_0192 Alexa always want to take “silly pictures”, here’s her infamous funny face.


Inspired by my friend, Amanda, I have been making crocheted hats the last several weeks, both of these have since been completed and improved, but I love these pictures of the girls.

IMG_0312 Audrey discovered our horsey in the basement, and she apparently loves it!


IMG_0346 Audrey LOVES all of the babies in our recent family baby boom. She loves to hug and kiss them.

IMG_0361We have a chalkboard hanging in our kitchen that we write different verses on, Treyton is really interested in it and recently asked that next time we change it that he could help pick the verse and write it. When it was time to change it, he followed through with it…. this melts me heart.

IMG_0358Audrey and her cousin Peyton have a slight “fighting” problem. They will yell at one another for apparently no reason at all. After staying the night at our house, they actually hugged one another good bye…. of course we had to take a picture, just in case it never happens again :)

January 2012 064 Cuddle time for the girls… gotta love it!!

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amanda said...

and not only is treyton cute, so are the girls. :) loved all the pictures. even though i "see" them enough, it's always fun to see them differently too. ;)