Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treytonism: Not So Good & Daddy’s Hands

Treyton's HatI made homemade granola, and when it was time to taste it the girls and I went nuts… I was worried that we wouldn’t have any to save there for a while.

Treyton, however, just took his initial small piece, ate it and walked off and continued playing. I asked him “Did you not like the granola?”

“Welll…” he said “I don’t want to say your a bad cook. I mean, I’ll eat it, but no, it’s not my favorite. I think that I should stop talking though, because I don’t want to say anything mean for your feelings.”

“Okay, thank you for telling me the truth, but being so nice about it. That’s good manners, bud.”

January 2012 058


This morning we were talking about hands for some reason. And Treyton said

“Yeah, like Daddy’s hands, you know, like Dad’s hands.”

“No, I don’t know what exactly you mean. How are Dad’s hands?”

“You know, they’re like tough, and like strong and really big. Not like ____ and ____’s. My Dad’s hands are, you know, tough. Probably like what Jesus’ hands were like.”

“I like Daddy’s hands too, but you know what. Jesus actually worked with wood, so his hands were probably a little rougher than Daddy’s.”

“Yeah, that’s true, especially after the cross, they were probably real rough after he was nailed to that cross!!!”

“Yes, you’re right, in fact the Bible says he still has the scars on his hands.”

“Yeah…. hmmm…”

And he wandered off, thinking on that.

Handsome Little Man


amanda said...

he's so cute!! :)

Alexis said...

Thanks for sharing - the Treytonisums, Alexaisums and soon to come Audreyisums always bring a smile to my face. They help make up for all the little moments I miss.

Love You All