Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure

So…. for a while I felt like I might never write this post again, but God was and is faithful and has brought our family yet another blessing to proclaim his glory.

This past week, we found out that we are expecting our fourth miracle! imageWe are expecting little Schoessow #4 on or around October 20th, 2012.

Tim and I are over the moon excited and are looking forward to this next chapter of our life. The kids are pretty excited as well.

When we told the kids Treyton was PUMPED!! And since then he seems to be constantly thinking about both me and the baby. It has actually caused a big change in him, in a good way, and I’ve noticed him treating his sister’s more kindly and considerately.

We went out to eat this past Sunday and when the waitress asked us “Five?” Treyton said “Actually, there’s 6 of us!” as he pointed to my belly.

He came to Tim and I one night after dinner and said “So, I’ve been thinking of some names for the baby… what do you guys think of Troy?”

He’s completely in love with this new baby, and I can hardly wait to see them together.

Alexa, who has been less than receptive to some of the new babies in our lives (three new babies in the last 6 weeks), but when we told her we were pregnant she took a deep breath in and said “Oh my word, mama!” She hasn’t said much since then, and I’m not sure if she even has thought about it since then.

Audrey of course doesn’t realize what’s going on, but is typically excited anytime the rest of us are :) She loves, loves, loves to hold all of the new babies, so I am sure she will do great with it!!

I will be updating throughout the pregnancy as things continue to progress.

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