Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Little Man

Throughout our parenting journey we have gone through some great times and tough times with each of our children as we try our best to train and disciple them.

IMG_0898_ed1We have recently come through one of the tougher patches with Treyton, as we were dealing with difficult behavioral and attitude issues that we couldn’t just “change” but had train him through. We crawled on our knees, as we prayed our way through it, and while of course we don’t have a perfect home, child or parents, we seem to be going through a “high” with our nearly 6 1/2 year old, little man.

In the last several weeks the Lord has encouraged me repeatedly through things that Treyton has said or done and I wanted to record them on “paper” as well as ponder them in my heart.

I was talking to a friend of mine this past weekend about our children’s love languages and it really hit home with me as I started to really think about how Treyton feels the most loved. So I decided to ask Him myself. Many of his answers I knew, but it was still emotional to hear it come from his own mouth.

He said he felt most loved from Dad and I when:

  • We go on dates
  • When we cuddle in bed after the girls are laid down
  • Anytime that it’s the three of us
  • Talking and telling stories
  • Playing games
  • Writing and getting notes to mom

A while ago I wrote a note to Treyton and put it on his bed, just to say I love you. He was ecstatic about the entire thing and that night, I found my own little note sitting on my pillow. Since then we have been leaving each other post-it notes (anywhere we think to put them). I have been saving them all in a little notebook to keep forever. On Valentines, I found this on my bed. IMG_0743Treyton loves to talk about his (and others) feelings, how and why things are they way they are and things that are far beyond his years. I treasure my talks with him and I wish I could somehow record them to remember all of the wisdom he speaks. I pray often for God to continue to develop this gift in him, for I know that it isn’t nearly as important how you start as it is how you finish.

Recently, Tim has started reading through the book of proverbs with him at night. They cover several verses a night, Treyton reading them and then the two (and sometimes three of us) talking about what they mean. Since this has started Treyton has expressed an interest in reading the book of John next. Tim said “Sure”. Well, apparently Treyton couldn’t wait, during quiet time one afternoon, Treyton asked if he could use the i-pad to read the book of John (we use the i-pad because it is easy to make the print larger, which for some reason seems to make a big difference in reading). We also pulled out his NiRV Bible so that he could read it from either source.

At dinner, I asked him what he read, and if he had any questions. He ran to his bedroom and brought me his Bible, he said “I found a verse that I want to memorize… I was so excited to read it I was like ‘Yeah! Awesome!!’ here it is.”

He pointed to and read John 1:14 which says “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

He’s currently memorizing Psalms 23 for AWANA, but he says he wants to memorize this one too. Tonight, when I tucked him in he tucked his Bible in at the foot of his bed, telling me that he was going to keep his Bible there from now on.

I love how God is opening his heart to His word and giving him his own passion for it. Oh, God I pray that this continue throughout ALL of his days.

Treyton is a very sweet kid, he continues to struggle with gratitude and a respectful attitude, but I see the Lord working on his heart in these areas, and I trust Him to complete the work that He’s started. He has a big heart, and loves to have fun. He’s funny, energetic, fast-paced, organized, precise and controlling.

I am the most blessed mom in the world. God has given me so much more than I deserve.


(okay, so I couldn’t decide between which edited picture to post, so I posted them both ;))

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