Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alexaisms: Pee-YOOUUU and Prayers

Alexa and Treyton have started this “hilarious” saying around our home whenever they smell something stinky or see something disgusting. IMG_1015I can’t remember exactly when it started, but after the first time I hard one of them say “Pee-you, that’s delicious!” I asked where it came from (thinking it was some movie or TV show I missed). But, no, that’s not it at all.

Supposedly the story goes (and excuse the brashness of this story if you will). Alexa had this great idea to place her butt near Treyton’s face and pretend to fart. She then told Treyton that he was supposed to say “Pee-you, that’s delicious”, to which, apparently he agreed.” Since then, it’s been all the rage!

Tonight, we found some moldy bread in the pantry – Alexa upon seeing it said what? You guessed it “Pee-you, that’s delicious”.

We found a smooshed worm in the driveway to which one of the kids replied? Yup “Pee-you, that’s delicious.” IMG_1477

Honestly, I don’t know where this girl comes up with this stuff.

The sad reality is, I don’t get the chance to post even half of what she says, and I wish I did …. she is such a hoot, and half the punch line is always her expression. She is a true clown at heart! She makes me laugh EVERY DAY – multiple times!!

~~~~~ IMG_1437 (Alexa covered in mud, after following her brother up a pile of sand to collect rocks, after playing in the water)

Treyton is our little theologian, always has been, he knows his Bible stories well and understands things far beyond his years. He has a love for the Word that I’ve seen in very few people, particularly children. Alexa does not share this passion, but she is however a mighty, mighty little prayer warrior.

She has the ability and the confidence to speak to our Lord as a true friend, and she thinks often of going to Him with whatever she needs, big or small.

Her prayers usually start out with a small request, something like “Dear Jesus, please don’t let my knees hurt today,” and then continue on into an explanation and/or conversation with an old friend, just filling Him in on the details of her life. “When my knees hurt, I don’t have any fun, and it’s so hard for me not to cry and whine. I know that I don’t like it, and I don’t want to feel it anymore. Sometimes when I am outside playing my knees hurt, but usually it’s when I’m inside. It’s so hard to play with my knees hurt, so please make them not hurt and help mommy not to yell at me, and Audrey not to whine and cry. Dear Jesus, Amen.”

She’s quite the little talker, so her prayers can actually last a little while, which I think is so awesome. Rarely does she need to think of what to pray, she just says what is on her heart.

Just now, Tim came downstairs, where I’ve been working on lesson plans and said “Your daughter is praying.”

Lately Alexa has been working really hard on not peeing in her diaper at night (she is potty trained during the day, but not at night). I made a deal with her that when she doesn’t pee in her diaper at night, she can do quiet time instead of nap time. Last night, she got up for the first time (at 2am) to go potty!!! We are all so proud.

So tonight after dinner, I was downstairs, Tim was cleaning up from dinner and Alexa was sitting in the living room, seemingly talking to herself. Tim asked Lexie a question and she said “Just wait, I’m praying.”

When Tim came downstairs, you could still her “going to town” just talking to Jesus!! Tim said she was asking him to help her not to pee in her diaper.

Isn’t that the most precious thing you’ve ever heard of?!?!?


Friday, March 30, 2012

Treytonism: Forever, It’s Hard to Understand

On the way home from Bible Study on Friday Treyton was watching a movie in the backseat. He asked me to pause it and then says to me from the back seat:

“Mom, so after we die, we go to heaven, I get that.”

“Yeah” I said

“And it’s forever, right?”


“I just can’t get that in my mind. I mean I try, you know? I think until the end of what I can think, then I think a little more, and I just can’t understand it!!”

“Oh I know, buddy, I hear ya. I can’t understand it either. It’s pretty huge.”

“Yeah, I guess it’s just one of those things Jesus will have to tell us about when we get there, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Hmmm….” he said, as he turned back to watching his movie (Pilgrim’s Progress) :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alexaisms: March 2012

While Tim was grilling some steaks, Alexa was outside on the patio playing in the sandbox. It’s been a beautiful weekend here and most of the neighbors have been outside at some point or other. At this time, one of our closer neighbors had two young men playing basketball out in their driveway. 

As Tim stepped outside to check his coals, Alexa said to him. “You can go play with those boys if you want, Daddy. They’re the dolphins!” IMG_1382_1


We were watching an E-Trade commercial on TV where there is a new dad looking into a nursery window with the E-Trade baby sitting next to him. At the end of the commercial, the E-Trade baby sees his friend in the nursery and says “What are you doing in there?” To which his friend replies “Speed dating.”

The commercial  must have made  an impression on Alexa, because in her usual line repeating fashion she said “I’m free, Baby!”

She apparently misunderstood the line, which was fine by Tim and I, and we think she made it even funnier.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Audrey's Second Birthday: Part 2

After Mommer and Papa arrived, we went in and did presents, Audrey was blessed in a big way, by her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, she got more than she needed for sure.

After presents, we did dinner – steak on the grill, salad and potato cakes.

For cake, we got an ice cream cake from dairy queen (yum). I couldn’t believe it! Audrey actually blew out her candles – on purpose – like she actually knew what she was doing. I have been to a lot of kid birthday parties, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a two year old blow out their own candles. She did it 4 times (because we kept lighting the candles to get through the song ;))!! What a little genius we have!
 It was really a great day, relaxing and all about Audrey – just the way we wanted it!



Audrey’s Second Birthday: Part 1

We celebrated Audrey’s second birthday today. It was a GORGEOUS day out – which she shouldn’t get used to because it’s never 60 degrees in early March (or anytime in March) in Wisconsin! IMG_1142

After going to church, we went to lunch to Chili’s, came home and put Audrey down for a little nap. IMG_1150 While she was napping I pulled out her presents, the house was already decorated (thanks to Daddy-o, the night before). IMG_1165

I did a little yard work, and waited for the Grandparents to arrive.

IMG_1163We decided, for the first time ever, not to do a party with our entire family, only because Audrey really doesn’t like a lot of people at one time. It tends to over-stimulate her and get her overly excited and anxious. Yesterday, when Tim came in with some balloons and the kids got super excited, even that sent her into a tizzy…. I knew then we made the right decision. IMG_1148

Grandma Lex and Papa Luke arrived soon after Audrey woke up from her nap, we spent some time outside, playing with bubbles and chalk on the driveway. IMG_1181Audrey LOVED the bubbles, she kept squealing and showing everyone her bubble wand. IMG_1188

IMG_1189We spent a good 45 minutes the girls (including mom and Grandma) doing bubbles, and the boys (Treyton, Papa Luke and Daddy-o) playing basketball nearby. IMG_1192




IMG_1191I got a lot of cute pictures of Alexa running in the bubbles…. the kids were so pumped to have such beautiful weather… and I can’t blame them - you really do feel like a new person!! IMG_1205








I think the best thing about this birthday, is that the Grandparents actually got a chance to spend time with the kids, usually they are surrounded by ALL the kids and it’s hard to spend one-on-one or one-on-three time. I think they had fun….  IMG_1256


I thought this was a cute picture of Tim and Treyton doing huddle time!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Audrey!

Audrey is my precious little baby girl…. still (and forevermore)!! She is a lovable cuddler, which brings such joy to this mamma’s (and daddy’s) heart. IMG_1130Although she still doesn’t talk, she is learning to communicate in her own way, which is nice.

The other day, I was painting Alexa’s fingernails and toenails for her date night with Daddy-o. Audrey came in plopped herself down next too us, and slapped her own feet – clearly telling me she wanted her toes done as well. So, for the first time, she got her toenails painted an unmistakably bright pink that could not go unnoticed!! IMG_1188In addition to her own unique methods of communication, she has also learned to say “please” and “thank you” in sign language. I plan on teaching her more, but to be honest, I can’t decide which ones to teach… maybe “more” and “all done” those seem to be popular ones.

She LOVES to dance with Alexa and Treyton, and is getting faster all the time. She’s taking stairs up and down completely on her own, which has only expanded her options for “hoarding” and “collecting” miscellaneous items throughout the house. I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have to look for at least three things that she has wondered off with for her own collections. IMG_1163

Audrey enjoys being a part of school. She has her own chair, and tools to use, which keeps her involved throughout the morning. Most of the time, she just likes to sit in the chair with me, on my lap, behind me, next to me, doesn’t really matter, as long as she’s close.

She’s got quite the joyful personality, she laughs a lot especially at Alexa. I love the sound of the girls playing together. It’s been within the last couple of months that they’ve actually started interactive playing with one another. IMG_1132

Audrey is also becoming nurturing and sweet to her brother and sister and is often seen patting their backs, and rubbing them when they are sad or crying.

She is a little ham saying “cheeeeese” for all pictures, which makes it a little more difficult to get a natural smile from her, but that’s okay I guess… it’s part of who she is, and it really does show her personality.

Tim and I feel so blessed to watch our little peanut grow into a little girl, it really doesn’t feel like two years since she was born… I know it sounds cliché’ but it really does feel like yesterday…