Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alexaisms: March 2012

While Tim was grilling some steaks, Alexa was outside on the patio playing in the sandbox. It’s been a beautiful weekend here and most of the neighbors have been outside at some point or other. At this time, one of our closer neighbors had two young men playing basketball out in their driveway. 

As Tim stepped outside to check his coals, Alexa said to him. “You can go play with those boys if you want, Daddy. They’re the dolphins!” IMG_1382_1


We were watching an E-Trade commercial on TV where there is a new dad looking into a nursery window with the E-Trade baby sitting next to him. At the end of the commercial, the E-Trade baby sees his friend in the nursery and says “What are you doing in there?” To which his friend replies “Speed dating.”

The commercial  must have made  an impression on Alexa, because in her usual line repeating fashion she said “I’m free, Baby!”

She apparently misunderstood the line, which was fine by Tim and I, and we think she made it even funnier.

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