Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby #4: First Trimester Recap

Today marks my 14th week of pregnancy! To be honest, I actually forgot about it (surprise, surprise), but thanks to my handy-dandy little phone app, I not only received a reminder but learned that our little bundle of joy is the size of a lemon (3 1/2 inches long) and weighs in at roughly 1 1/2 ounces!! His or her liver started producing bile this week and the kidneys started functioning, which means from now until birth he/she will be able to urinate into the amniotic fluid when needed (a little disgusting, I know :)). God is so amazing, putting such complex miracles together piece by piece in the womb.

The first trimester went by fairly uneventfully, and I say “fairly” because, it’s still me, so of course there were a few events!! :)

My first appointment was not technically scheduled until the 10th week (I believe), but I ended going in a week early for an ultrasound, after two separate occasions of spotting (one lasting several days, one lasting for only a few hours). Praise God, the baby was fine, as was I. The baby measured a few days smaller, than what my cycle calculated, so they temporarily moved my due date back 4 days (to October 23rd), but said they wouldn’t set my official due date until the 20 week ultrasound.

Morning sickness was not bad at all comparatively speaking to the girls (pregnancies 2 and 3) and lasted a mere 3 1/2 weeks compared to the 7 I had with both of them. By 10 weeks, I was almost completely over all morning sickness, minus a light gag reflex I can’t seem to shake, that Treyton finds hilarious.

My energy was pretty low – being almost nothing until about 12 weeks, but even now, remains lower than normal.

After my 9 week appointment, I received a call from the doctor saying I had some glucose in my urine and they wanted me to come in for a simple blood test to rule out diabetes. I did that, and failed that test, so I had to go back in to take the 1 hour glucose test, which I not only passed, but (and I quote) “Passed with flying colors”.

This was great news. They weren’t actually concerned with my having gestational diabetes, so early in the pregnancy, as much as they were concerned that I had developed actual diabetes, in between pregnancies and was coming to them a diabetic (without knowing it). This last appointment that I had, my urine tested positive for glucose again, which the doctor said she was not concerned about, after me having passed the 1-hour test. She said sometimes women just pass glucose throughout their pregnancy, it’s not all that common, but that it does happen. My older sister, Skye, actually did this with her first pregnancy, too.

I had my second appointment last week (at the 13 week mark). Everything was great. My blood pressure was 102/62, I put on only 1 pound, and the baby’s heart beat was 165.

The doctor set my next appointment in 5 weeks, I will be around 18 weeks, at which time we will do our ultrasound as well!!! I believe it’s set for May 23rd.

Praising God for a healthy happy pregnancy so far!!

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Ashley Skye said...

15 Days!! So excited to start calling the baby by his/her name!!

We love you and cant wait to meet baby Schoessow.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.